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Reasons Why Most Women's Watches Are Quartz

Reasons Why Most Women's Watches Are Quartz

Pedro Araez1109 11-Oct-2019

Have you ever wondered why most women wear quartz watches? If you look in shopping malls or watch stores, you will realize that mechanical watches for women are hard to find. Different watch movements matter as they have various features, which makes watches more functional and appealing to use.

Quartz watches are battery-powered watches and are one of the many affordable types of watches. Professional watchmakers have been catering to the needs of people and trying to help people appreciate watches more. So, quartz watches were used as a tool for craftsmen to make people aware of the importance of watches in general.

However, quartz watches seemed to have gotten the attention of women, that most of them have preferred to use them on various occasions to match their style.

There are a lot of reasons why women’s watches have quartz movements. Some may explain it through basic marketing principles or can be assessed based on the nature of men and women.

1. It’s all about the size.

Compared to men’s watches, women wear smaller timepieces. Mechanical or kinetic movements are bigger, more complex, and thicker compared to quartz movements. Also, it is more expensive to create an automatic caliber that is small in size. Only luxury brands would do that for you.

Most women wear quartz watches because they are small, and they look feminine and cute. A sleek yet sophisticated design is excellent regardless of how small it is. Nowadays, women’s watches are manufactured in bigger sizes but most brands still incorporate quartz movements.

2. How women see their watches matters.

If you want a more affordable timepiece, quartz watch movements are a better choice than traditional mechanical watches.

Men look at watches as their companions such that they want them to stay by their side for a long time. Men like durable timepieces which means they are very critical of the craftsmanship behind auto watches. No wonder watch enthusiasts take so much time to find high-quality pieces because men are willing to pay more to get mechanical watches to their possession.

Women, however, don’t have so much connection with watches as men have. Women see watches as a type of accessory just like bracelets, earrings, or handbags. They may not be willing to pay so much for a fashion item that they are most likely to replace in a couple of months or maybe a few years.

Quartz watches will always be an excellent option for you. If you talk about the price, quartz watches will still win! Aside from being affordable, quartz watches are fashionable and easy to find in the market.

3. Looks catch women’s attention, while men value engineering.

Most women are not too particular with the type of movement that is inside their timepiece, as long as it is functional and suits well with their style. Women appreciate the appearance and the design of the watch more. They choose a watch based on the color, how it complements their outfit, and the embellishments found in the watch.

While men, they prefer to see the mechanisms. Men are very specific with the complications of the watch, the features it offers, and the intricate details that make it work.

4. Women have other things to care about.

Women see watches as “one of the things.” Fashion-wise, women have more choices besides wristwatches compared to men. Women have other things to think about. That means they need a watch that they can wear all the time, and not something that complements their outfit.

Women are more interested in the convenience and simplicity a watch offers, rather than their functionality. Men, on the other hand, try not to look too flashy as much as possible. So, the best choice for men is a watch, since they will be looking for something that would last a long time.


Mechanical movements are great masterpieces for men, but for women, quartz watches are more preferred. People prioritize different things, which explains why women like quartz watches.

Quartz watches may not be as complicated as mechanical timepieces, but quartz movements have brought convenience to people. People, especially women, do not need to spend much to get an exceptional timepiece since quartz watches have always been affordable. Not only are they practical, but they are stylish and fashionable.

Whether you are looking for a timepiece to wear at work or a watch you can wear for the party tonight, or if you want something that matches with anything in your wardrobe, choosing a quartz watch is always a good idea.

Regardless of what type of watch movements men and women prefer, it is necessary to look for great repair components when replacement is needed. Sofly watch repair tools are available to give you whatever you need.

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