An In-Depth Look in the Various Uses of Labels on Rolls and Labels on Sheets

One aspect of the business that enables it to runs smoothly is a neat organization of the pricing, descriptions, and barcodes of the products. Providing clear information about the products when they are on the shelves in the stores or when they are being shipped to the customer is key in establishing loyalty with the customers and in building mutual trust. For that reason, you need to have a quality labeling system. The most used labels are labels on rolls and labels on sheets. Here is what you need to know about them.

Labels on Rolls

Labels on Rolls or also known as Thermal labels are usually used for applications where you need labels printed individually and regularly with generally different information on each. They are most commonly used as addresses, barcodes or product prices and descriptions. However, there are two types of thermal labels: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. They are used for different purposes based on what are your needs specifically when it comes to durability and printing in color.

Direct Thermal Labels should be used if the labels are intended for short term use. They do not need a ribbon for printing and are heat activated. Yes, they are durable, but they might get darker over time or if they are exposed to the elements. The best recommended time for use is not over a year and in indoor conditions away from sunlight and heat.

The Thermal Transfer labels must be printed with a thermal transfer ribbon. This ribbon is wax carbon and it transfers onto the label under heat from the printer. The ribbons can be in many sizes and colors. They last much longer than the direct thermal labels.

Labels on Sheets

On the other hand, the label sheets are suitable to use in laser and inkjet printers or photocopiers. As the printing can be done on your home/office printer, you can produce professional-looking labels to the highest standards. They are best to use as address labels, shipping labels and products, and pricing labels. Also, they can be found in any color and you can even draw on them using suitable software.

In addition, you can even choose whether you want matt white paper or glossy paper. The matt paper is mostly used as the standard address or shipping labels whereas the glossy paper is used for product labels on jam jars, candles, and bath salts, etc. Moreover, you can choose from the range of clear synthetic labels that give the “no label” effect on the products and the fact that they are oil, water, and tear-resistant making them ideal to use in harsh conditions. And if you want to use the labels for warehouse purposes, you can choose fluorescent labels that can help you better see the boxes you are searching for.

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