Free Slot Machines with Bonus

Slot machines, slot machines or also called slots, slots or pay machines are one of the most requested casino games. Neon Slots has collected the slots in the demo version so you can play for free without downloading, without registering and without deposit. We offer free slots with bonuses, new, classic, 3D, by themes or with 3, 5 or 6 drums. If you like slots or want to improve before playing in a casino, here you have the possibility to play free machines and discover how to win.

How to play free slot machines without downloading?

To play free slots without downloading any program, or installing special software and without depositing is thanks to the demo versions. Free slots are also called demo versions or demo games available to play without having to make any deposits.

Game developers usually offer casino games in demo mode so you can try the game before playing with real money. Therefore, you can play online as much as you want and without any limit or loss. Some free slot machines contain bonuses that are activated only when you bet with real money. But, in general, the slots in the demo version present almost the same options as the real money versions of a casino.

Demo games are a good option to get to know and practice the game before betting on an online casino. As there is no real deposit there is no possibility of getting a real jackpot in a free game, so the winnings are virtual credits.

There are various types of online slots. From slots with the different number of drums, the different number of payment lines, by theme, with bonus and free spins. In Neon Slots we classify the slots according to these aspects. There are many factors that can differentiate one game from another, such as how to create winning combinations, the way symbols appear on the screen, the level of graphics, whether they are 2D or 3D slots, the types of bonus and the availability or not of jackpots.

In each casino game we offer, we describe the general rules of the slot machine so that you know how to place the bet, activate the desired number of pay lines, learn about the functions of the control buttons, how to get prizes and how to activate free bonus at Each slot game. If you don't know how to start playing, in Neon Slots we explain how to play slots.

Slots without depositing

Free slots are a demo or demo versions of online slot machines available to play without having to make any deposits. Game developers usually offer games in demo mode so you can try the game before playing with real money. Therefore, you can play online as much as you want and without any limit or loss. It should be noted that some free slot machines with bonuses activate the bonus only with real money bets such as progressive slots.

In general, demo games have almost the same options as full versions. Your earnings will be virtual credits. Demo games are a good option to get to know and practice the game before betting on an online casino. And as there is no deposit there is no possibility of getting a real jackpot with a free game. If you don't want to deposit money in slots, playing for free is a perfect option to learn all the tricks.

Unregistered Slots

You can play our range of online slot machines without having to register or provide any personal information. Relax playing thanks to the wide range of free slot games without registration you can find on our page.

Free Slots with Bonus

Apart from prizes in the main game, there are various types of bonuses in online slots that help increase basic earnings. They are activated by special symbols that launch bonus games. They can be "select and win" bonuses, theme games, Ferris wheel, multipliers, and random instant prizes. In Neon Slots we have a wide selection of free slots with bonuses that offer additional rewards and add more fun to the game.

Slot Minigames

Most slot machines offer minigames as one of their bonus options. Minigames are a type of bonus that you get after having achieved a combination of symbols. The slot minigame allows you to make a series of free spins or also called, free spins. It is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after bonuses in online slots. Choose to your liking the slots that have the bonus with free spins. Bonuses are a common feature of most slots online. Bonus slots usually offer additional free spins, instant prizes or possibilities to double the prize won.

3D slots

The 3D slot machines are online games showing three - dimensional images on the screen animations make the game after creating a free bonus winner and overall combination. Slots in 3D usually have very vivid graphics accompanied by animated introduction videos.

To play the 3D little machines you don't need special glasses. The animations are made in three dimensions and provide a true and immersive gaming experience. Some of the best producers of 3D slot machines are NetEnt and Betsoft with games like Dracula, Gonzo's Quest or House of Fun, which you can find in the Neon Slots game collection.

Waterfall slot machine

One of the ways to create innovative games that apply several slot machine developers is the use of Free Falls or symbols that fall like a waterfall instead of spins with traditional drums. The symbols on a cascade slot machine, as the name implies, fall down from the top of the screen. When the symbol that falls creates a winning combination they explode "disappearing from the screen. In turn, the spaces created by them are occupied by new symbols that fall on top representing the model of free falls. A good example of waterfall slots is the slot machine online Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt or Big Time Gaming Bonanza.

Slots with group symbols

Slot developers do not stop researching to create more diverse new games, as a result of this work, the clusters or sets of winning symbols have been born. Instead of symbols that appear along an active pay line or land in some way, combinations can be created if the symbols appear in groups. The cluster is formed if identical symbols touch each other, some games require a minimum of 9 to create a winning combination, such as NetEnt Aloha Cluster Pays, while others require from 5.

Progressive slots

Many online slot machines offer a progressive jackpot that increases online and ends up being very attractive. The progressive slots are usually a fund generated from bets made by all players in a particular game machine. This jackpot fund is accumulated, usually displayed in real-time on the game screen and can be won at any time by any player who produces a particular winning combination as established in the rules of the game. There are two types of boats to win:

The fixed jackpot that is generated from a single game machine and is offered in the form of a certain sum of money.

The progressive jackpot that is sometimes called the cumulative jackpot, is produced based on contributions from several machines of the same game connected to the same network. The progressive jackpots offered by online casinos for certain slots can accumulate millions of pesos.

In 1998 Microgaming launched the first online slot machine with a progressive jackpot and since then many more have been created. Some, such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, have even been renamed "millionaire-maker" (creators of millionaires) having broken the Guinness World Record for having distributed the greatest prizes ever won in an online jackpot game. Getting such prizes in jackpot slots is only possible in the game with real money.


In Neon Slots we publish slots in you can play quietly. Companies like Microgaming offer the possibility of playing their games directly. In addition to companies such as that offer a large number of free slot games. More and more companies develop slots in several languages ​​to make you feel more comfortable with online gaming.

Classic bar and fruit slots

Since the first Liberty Bell slot machine was invented in 1895 with bar and fruit symbols, the slot machines have evolved quite a bit. However, the category of classic retro-style slots continues to be successful today thanks to simple rules of the game and big winnings of pure chance. In Neon Slots you can play for free the old slot machines of the bar, fruits, and bells, as you remember them ten or twenty years ago in the bars of the neighborhood, tlapalerías and small shops in the corner. We have the demo versions of the most famous classic slot machines of all life and all the times that are now present on the Internet to play online.

How many slots are there according to the number of drums?

Most slots have a certain number of reels, drums or also called rollers. You can find slots of 3 drums, 4 drums, and up to six drums.

The slot machines of 3 reels usually represent a classic fruit machine symbols located in three horizontal columns of one to three icons in each column. The amount of images and payment lines is usually reduced. Often, slots with 3 reels do not have bonus rounds or additional features, have a simple gameplay and a single goal of achieving identical symbol combinations. Among the developers of slots with 3 drums, the can be mentioned, although games of this type are present in portfolios of the industry giants of Playtech or NetEnt.

The 5 drum slots are games with 5 reels and with 3, 4 or up to 5 symbols per column. They have a greater number of fixed or adjustable pay lines, symbols with special functions are offered including Wild jokers or Scatter that activate bonuses or free spins.

The slot 6 drums are less common. Sometimes 5 reels are presented as slots with an extra drum that helps create a greater number of winning combinations. The presence of the sixth drum usually increases the total bet per spin offsetting it with more generous prizes.

How many pay lines does a slot have?

A pay line is a line that goes through all the drums. It usually starts at the far left but it can also be both ways. When the same line on the pay line lands on all the reels, a winning combination is produced. Payment lines can be configured as long as they are adjustable. In this case, you can select how many lines you want to be active.

Slot machines with 20 lines or more offer the option of activating or deactivating the lines. A greater number of payment lines allows a much more frequent combination creation due to the increase in sequence variants, which at the same time means an increase in the total bet per spin that is calculated by multiplying the bet per line by the number of lines Active payment.

The slots 5 lines and 10 lines are usually slots traditional fruit or slots classical gameplay whose number of active lines is usually fixed, but can also be selected by the player. Such machines do not produce very frequent combinations due to the reduced number of possible sequences, however, they grant large prizes for each combination.

What are the winning combinations of slots?

In addition to traditional payment lines, another method that allows you to draw winning combinations is the use of so-called ways of winning. There are slot machines with, for example, 243 ways to win, others with 720, 1,024 and even some with the amazing figure of 4,096 ways to create winning combinations. These numbers are the result of multiplying the number of rows by the number of drums.

If the slot has 5 reels and 4 rows, it will be 5x4 = 1,024; if it has 6 drums and 4 rows, it will be 6x4 = 4,096. The reels of slot machines that have 720 ways to win are unusually designed: the first reel on the left (1) and the first on the right (5) usually consist of 3 rows, the reels next to them (2 and 4 ) consist of 4 rows and the central reel (3) consists of 5 rows, so the sum of all of them gives 3x4x5x4x3 = 720. Identical symbols must appear on adjacent reels, but do not necessarily have to be next to each other. Some games with ways of winning different from the usual ones are Buffalo Blitz of Playtech with 4,096 forms and Rambo of iSoftBet with 720 forms.

Would you like to know more about the tricks to win at the slots? Many experienced players insist on the existence of tricks and strategies that "help them win" or activate bonus games from online slot machines. Some players choose to change the number of active pay lines throughout the game, others claim that strategies to increase or reduce the bet gradually work successfully. NeonSlots has analyzed the most common tricks and strategies.

At the same time, there are false beliefs or myths about online slots. It is said that a slot machine is "cold" or they stop paying after a jackpot or that 3-drum machines pay more than those of 5 or that some jackpot games generate large payments at certain times of the day. The result of each spin in an online casino depends on the electronic random number generator, so all players have the same probability, possibility, and chance of winning or losing after any spin in any game.

Who creates the slot games?

The game developers are able to create original and innovative games with graphics and sound effects superb quality casino. Some online slots are so realistic that an introduction video to the game or the bonus round is easily confused with a movie trailer.

In Neon Slots we offer the games of licensed software developers. Among the big companies that develop online slot machines, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic (Greentube), Betsoft, NextGen (NYX Gaming), Rival, GamesOS, iSoftBet, EGT, IGT and Play'n Go stand out.

These software developers have a lot of experience in the industry and use the latest technologies so that their slot machines can be played both from computers, from online mobile devices and through special applications at any time and from anywhere. They create online gaming machines with modern 3D graphics, music and sound effects that will enhance the real feeling of the game.

Slot games are produced continuously. Game developers try their best to keep up and gain confidence from their game followers. They design new slots with modern, vivid and three-dimensional graphics. They develop more striking gameplay. They offer more and more bonuses with bigger prizes. In Neon Slots we are always waiting for the launch of new games and keep you updated on the new slots so you can enjoy them for free and fresh out.

Can I play slots with my cell phone?

Mobile slots can be launched on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems and on laptops with Windows, Linux, and macOS. NeonSlots slot machines are available on all these platforms using Flash Player or HTML5. To open your favorite game you do not need to install any additional program, you simply have to have Flash enabled if the game needs Flash version. There is no need to download or pay anything!

In the past online gambling games were available, for example, in flash programs, so they could only be executed on PC. 

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