6 Industry-Leading Affiliate Programs You Can Earn Lots of Money from Commissions

When it comes to affiliate marketing, lots of people are exploring their options and their fields of expertise so that they can make as much money as possible. An affiliate marketer must be a well-established blogger or have a popular website with lots of traffic if they want to be eligible to become partners with a company that offers affiliate programs. If they do fulfill the conditions, they can choose whichever affiliate program they want and start making money. Here is a list of several affiliate programs that guarantee lots of income from high commissions. Take a look and choose one that best fits your niche. 

Spocket Partner Program

This program offers you to make up to $450 per subscriber. It is the leading dropshipping marketplace in the USA and Europe that gives you 20-40% commissions on all of the subscriptions made in 15 months plus it offers weekly challenges, which, if you complete, you will be able to make more money as bonus rewards. If you have good entrepreneurship skills or know-how to convince people to buy something, this might be your real chance to earn lots of money.

Constant Contact

This affiliate program offers you to work with the world's most powerful email marketing platforms. You get the chance to earn $5 for each referral that signs up for free trial without a credit card and an additional $105 when the referral pays for a full account.

Affiliate 2Day

On the affiliate dating sites list, Affiliate2day is probably one of the industry-leading affiliate programs in terms of commissions and opportunities to earn money. It offers a free sign up and has three basic plans: Pay per Sale for which you will receive a $25 sign up bonus, and you get the chance to earn 25% of every sale, Pay per First Order which can earn you up to $250 and Pay per Lead which makes you up to $8. Also, they have a two-tier program where you earn 10% extra of your referral’s commissions if you refer new publishers and website owners to this affiliate program.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

This one can get you your dream car. All you need to do is refer 100 customers to ClickFunnels, and they will cover the payments on your dream car. They offer substantial recurring commissions if you are able to promote their top-level products and services successfully. We are talking about 40% recurring commissions on all the sales that you send them. That would be approximately $38.80 every month per customer.


Leadpages is an affiliate program that helps entrepreneurs create sustainable small businesses online with their suite of lead generation tools. You can earn 30% recurring commissions on all the sakes you generate, that is, if your referrals remain customers.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

If you want to help freelancers find their niche and earn from it, you can join the Fiverr affiliate program. It is the largest marketplace for digital services in the world. You can earn up to $150 for every first-time buyer using their dynamic CPA model. Basically, you need to drive traffic to them and get paid for that.

  Can you see yourself earning by becoming a partner of some of these sites? It is always a good idea and the right time to make some extra cash by sharing your expertise and traffic generated from your blog or website. 

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