5 Backpack for 15-inch Laptop Carry and Easy Travel

While commuting, pitching, making demonstration, going to campus, or any other pivotal things, you will want to look good while comfortable when you do. You will want to carry around your laptop without looking dull and bulky. The best backpack for laptop is much important for your 15-inch laptop user.

 If you come to this page, I assume that you’ve browsed around the marketplaces with hope to come across some of the best backpacks for 15-inch laptop out there. The things with the online marketplaces is that you might not have such spare time to compare all of the products and make an informative decision. That’s why I made this list. You don’t need to go anywhere else than reading my recommendations of the best backpacks for 15-inch laptop below. 

#1  Evofine 15 inch Laptop Backpack - Large Capacity Casual Style Bag 

Evofine has launched its wonderful 15-inch laptop backpack with large capacity and useful features that you can rely on when you are conducting your important activities out there.

 It comes with all-in-one design water resistant with the USB Charging Port. Despite the big storage it provides, the dimension of this backpack is quite slim. We’ll get down to the details below. 

 The design is slim, sleek, and ergonomic. the good shape of this laptop backpack makes it a perfect choice for both male and female users. The exclusive design won’t let you down since you can use it for business, office, school, college, social gathering event, different occasions, as well as outdoor activities. Looking at the stylish design, the manufacturer seems to have the intention to offer this to all segments. it is not exaggerating to say that the backpack is for everyone. 

Besides the 15.6” laptop space, it also provides other spaces for easy organization. You can put your important belongings in the backpack without worrying about the exact capacity. 

 As expected from the futuristic laptop backpack, it also comes with the External USB with built-in access which allows you to charge your mobile device. You just need to stock your power bank to available space, then connect the two devices with the OTG, mini usb, or other cable. 

 The backpack is a tough buddy. From the moment you unbox your package, you will be accompanied with this buddy for a long time in the future. It won’t wear off easily since it is made of nylon fabric, the best material in its class. That explains why it is lightweight despite its large storage capacity. Did we mention that it is an anti-splashing backpack? 

  You will also be wowed with its interior. You can literally add every essential that supports your daily modern life. This backpack offers the key chain holder, compartment, interlayer for laptop, zipper pocket, slot pocket, as well as cell phone pocket. With such organization, you can reach out your belongings without messing your backpack’s items. It holds the capacity for up to 35 litre. 

#2 AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops up to 17 Inches 

 I know it is the backpack for 17 inches laptop but you would want to choose this if you need extra space to store your belongings. the AmazonBasics Backpack comes with the features that you mostly find in common laptop backpack. 

 It have large compartments besides the padded space for your laptop. There are also several pockets which you can use to keep your things organized. Although the interior is fantastic, I cannot say the same about the exterior. The canvas material makes me concern when you are using it in the environment you are not familiar with. 

#3 Doing Bag Laptop Backpack 

The Doingbag Laptop Backpack is specifically designed for 15.6 inches laptop. But that’s not it. the design is compact and stylish so that you can wear it in public with pride. It has been the prevalent choice for the freshman, businessmen, and even outdoor lovers. Thanks to its waterproof exterior, you can carry on this buddy with peace of mind.

#4 Everki Titan

Everki titan padded laptop backpack offers you to cater to up to 18.4 inches laptop. It is a perfect choice for the avid gamer, designer, or users who love the big sized screen laptop.the polyester exterior is the main material of the laptop which is rip, water, and scratches resistance. It has ample storage which you can use to put your stash there. 

#5 Fjallraven Kanken Laptop 15 

If you are looking for unique designed backpack for 15 inches laptop, then this one should be in your wish list. I’d give notch to the main compartment since it can hold your laptop firmly. There are also compartments that you can use to stock your items. It also comes with 17-inches version if your laptop is larger.

What Do I recommend most?

Amongst these five, one could your most preferred laptop backpack. But if you are looking for the best backpack for your 15 inches laptop, I would recommend you to pick Evofine Laptop Backpack. it has everything you need from the features, durability, sturdiness, and more importantly, sensible price. Don’t hesitate to hover your mouse to order page now to get you a new backpack for your 15-inches laptop.

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