5 Motivation Tips I Learned from Tony Robbins

5 Motivation Tips I Learned from Tony Robbins

5 Motivation Tips I Learned from Tony Robbins

Team motivation is an ongoing challenge that every manager must face daily. Tony Robbins is a proven life coach and motivational speaker that has worked with the very best in virtually every arena of business and society. I have learned 5 key motivational tips from Robbins that have helped me to keep both myself and my team members excited about working hard to achieve our common goals.

1 – Stay in the Right the Right Emotional State

How you and your team approach every new task is imperative in whether or not you stay appropriately motivated to see it through to completion. To this end, get yourself and your team in your best ‘emotional state' before beginning any new assignment. Approach the challenge in a playful manner instead of setting yourself to ‘grind it out'. Determine to handle any glitches that may arise along the way in a positive manner rather than a negative one. See each glitch as a creative opportunity to tweak the way your organization does business.

Achieve your best corporate ‘emotional state' by meeting together at the outset of a new assignment.

2 – Use the Rapid Planning Method (RPM)

‘To Do' lists and meticulously scheduled daily planners may keep you busy, but they are not the most effective means of reaching your true goals and maximizing your team's maximum potential. The RPM time management approach is simple. First, hone in on the specific RESULTS you wish to achieve (i.e., 10% more sales, 20% reduction in spending, etc.).

Second, tap into your PURPOSE by thinking through why this goal is worth working toward daily. Make your reasons practical, emotional, and meaningful on a personal level (i.e., if we reduce spending there will be no lay-offs of co-workers we care about).

Third, create an ACTION PLAN that streamlines your daily activities. Plan your day according to your ultimate priorities, not according to the little fires that cry to be put out.

3 – Your Body Matters

Your motivation levels are directly affected by the way you and your team treat their bodies on an ongoing basis. Therefore, to improve team motivation levels, educate your team on their physiology, and implement office strategies to get your team's blood flowing and their bodies healthy.

Hydration is key. Educate your team on the importance of staying hydrated as it relates to your team's end-goals. Then pass out water bottles and keep the office stocked with water coolers. You may even want to stage a contest to see who can imbibe the most water in a single work week!

Exercise is also essential. After educating your team on how exercise improves mood, energy and drive, sponsor memberships for them at a local gym. They will get discounted membership rates, and you will get a more motivated team.

4 – Ask Questions All the Time

One of the best ways to keep yourself and your team motivated is to ask probing questions on a regular basis. Ask what your motivation is behind every task and every goal. Ask how you think you are progressing toward each goal. Ask why certain triggers and distractions tend to sabotage productivity levels on an individual and corporate level. Ask what rewards await you all when you reach a new finish line.

5 – Re-Write Your Story

Tony Robbins is big on encouraging people to re-write their stories so that they can get ‘unstuck.' If your team has had some hard failures along the way or if the drama has brought division in the team, it is time to re-write the story and move on with joy.

Instead of blaming others, go back to your personal storyline, and accept responsibility for your actions. Instead of remaining angry and bitter, meet with the parties involved to get their side of the story, which may be very different from yours. Reconsider moments you consider failures to recognize what you learned from the experience; this way, failure is no longer a loss but a successful tool for moving forward.

Team motivation is greatly enhanced by incorporating all of the above tips into your daily team culture.

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