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Staying Positive’ Isn’t Worthy Guidance for Chronically Ill Persons. Here’s why

Staying Positive’ Isn’t Worthy Guidance for Chronically Ill Persons. Here’s why

Ali Raza 776 30-Sep-2019

Did you consider all the things that positively influence you in your life? Might be you blench by putting this sort of question not because that you appreciate the idea of good happening in your life was a bad thing rather because it varnished your complexities of all what you felt. And if you are suffering from chronic illness then obviously it’s because you are stressed over something and fear of losing and dying to make you more pathetic. So in this case, doctors or therapists usually recommend staying positive and trying out some activities that lower your feeling of guilt, anxiety and other mental disorders takes the place. It happens so that you question yourself over it like maybe I need to be more positive? Or should I not be grouchy about the things happened to me? Read this article what actually heals chronic diseases.

The culture of positivity now a day has taken over the world. Media is playing a major role in eliminating negativity and promoting positivity around the world like some memes that hit person’s soul such as “Your life only gets better when you get better” and it influences people at large scale. They used to start thinking positively and somehow recovers too but it does not happen all the time especially when you are suffering from a frightful disease.

People used to applause for those who put smiles on their face even while facing a difficult situation and are extolled for their gallantry and bravery. Why do so? On the other hand, people who are in habit of expressing their feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, the anger of sorrow which is regular experiences of human beings, often called to be a coward and they are asked to change their attitude towards life and stop complaining if you want to stay happy. Is this just a therapy to overcome chronic syndrome?

No, it’s not so, chronic sickness cannot always be treated by putting a smile on your face. It’s the type of sickness in which people are left isolated, with lots of people not understanding your position you are going through and you are ultimately bound to your homes and spend their time in bed.Also, positivity culture added fire to the fuel and quite a number of people are left alone by saying that develops the habit of staying happy and positive. Instead, find a partner or the person who loves you most and discuss everything with him or her like if you are guilty over something, depressed because left alone, angry over something or whatever the case is or whichever feeling you are bearing with just say it out in front of him or her. After some time, you will feel relaxed and somehow at ease instead of putting a smile on face and show that all is well. You do not have to do that. Call out for your anger or resentment. Cry out loud if you want to. Say it whatever is in your mind. Make your heart light by doing so. That’s the best cure for your chronic illness!

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