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Strategies For Building A Positive Learning Environment

Strategies For Building A Positive Learning Environment

Ebenezer 408 30-Sep-2019

Building a positive learning environment will optimize student learning, help you create a cohesive classroom community and build a comfortable work environment for both teachers and students. Several boarding schools in Kerala create a positive and successful learning environment And Nurture positive relationships with all students. Here are some tips to help in building a positive learning environment for all students.

1. Students must feel safe. This is important for students to be able to learn if they feel scared in any way they will not learn. 

2. Be fair. Make sure when you enforce the rules that they apply to all students. This gives consistency and fairness to the students and in doing so facilitates safety.  

3. Make the lessons interesting. Use a variety of teaching strategies like games, projects, music, discussions, and technology. Engaging students is essential for them to really learn.  

4. Be positive. Make students feel happy when they come to class. Welcome them at the door and smile! Help them as they work, give guidance, and support. Never belittle students or yell this will threaten students. If they misbehave calmly execute the rules. 

5. Make a colorful classroom environment. Display students’ work, build engaging bulletin boards, and keep the classroom neat and inviting. 

6. Build a classroom community. Involve students in discussions, developing rules, tasks, and decision-making. This kind of environment encourages responsibility, teamwork, and confidence.

7. Spend time with students individually every day. It’s essential to make personal connections with your students. They need to know they are important to you. 

8. Give frequent positive feedback. Let students know that they are doing a great job. And tell them that you notice their efforts and appreciate their hard work. Praise is a big positive motivational tool. 

9.Always Be Positive.It is the most important strategy. During school time and after there is always a positive way to react to a situation. A positive approach is the change agent that will build positive classrooms that produce successful students. 

Updated 16-Nov-2019

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