The 6 Best B2B E-Commerce Platforms for Small Businesses

The 6 Best B2B E-Commerce Platforms for Small Businesses

Companies are shifting to e-commerce and leveraging technology advancements. One obvious reason for the e-commerce craze is the convenience for sellers and buyers.  Particularly, B2B e-commerce technology is the most loved e-retailing option. It provides innovative solutions to help wholesalers and manufacturers.  

B2B space is booming nowadays. According to Accenture’s report, digital commerce will dominate the total revenue of half of the B2B businesses in the next two years.

The report exhibits the sheer potential of the B2B e-commerce market for the future. Small business owners should be encouraged to realize the benefits of B2B e-commerce without investing thousands of dollars. This blog is your chance to set up your e-commerce store. Keep reading to explore leading B2B e-commerce platforms for small businesses. 


Wix is the chart-topping e-commerce platform. The platform is a good-go. It offers highly-functional web presence along with brilliant templates, SEO and marketing tools. Small business owners have limited budget, so; they can rely on Wix. Wix caters to users with core features, required for marinating a flawless online presence. 

Wix provides more than a hundred customizable templates to select from while balancing each element including function, aesthetic appeal, and business readiness. Wix enables you to arrange product catalog in accordance with your current categories. 

When you finish working on the storefront, Wix starts managing your inventory to assure you are not running out of the stock. Besides, Wix also assists store owners in managing everything from shipping to taxes, from orders to payments, and from loyalty programs to promotion schemes.  

All in all, Wix is a winning proposition because of its far-reaching integration possibilities and mobile out of the box capabilities. It is best for small businesses who are facing problems with legacy and third-party applications.


Magento is an incredibly flexible B2B e-commerce platform. Sites like Direct Macro, Baker Hughes Inc, Medline Industries Inc, and Cisco Systems Inc has successfully used the platform.

Magento is a wondrous option for both small and large online businesses. One of the best reason to use Magento is it is an open-source platform. It means that it is incredibly easy to add valuable features to your site.

For example, if you are looking for a way to increase your site conversion rate then you can easily add any of the free extension to perform operations that may contribute to sales generation.

Magento is a popular and quite mature website building platform. Unlike other platforms, Magento is a bit complicated to use for the first time. Therefore, e-retailers must get familiar with the ins and outs of the platform before deploying it in their workflows.  


Shopify is amongst the most popular B2B e-commerce solutions. Shopify is a cloud-based solution that enables the retailer to create online stores. The platform also helps retailers to expand their business presence on various social media channels. Also, retailers promote their business on other major online markets with an additional option for a pop-up, physical store point-of-sale functionality. 

Each month you only have to pay $13 to Shopify. The platform provides various product provision with its base plan along with 24/7 customer support.

At Shopify, small business owners also get a chance to utilize abandoned cart recovery tools, the most crucial B2B e-commerce tool. In case, if you have doubts, then you can start with the Shopify free trial service. The best thing about Shopify is it delivers enterprise-level technology that keeps you away from the poor bandwidth and obnoxious downtimes.  

Big Commerce

Big Commerce is another flawless B2B store builder that caters to the e-retailer needs. Big Commerce provides a set of out-of-the-box tools that enable you to integrate the most effective B2B solutions to your webstore.

Big Commerce is a great platform that offers comprehensive solutions with practical functionality. With Big Commerce, you can get 24/7 customer support. It also allows e-retailers to sell products and services with Amazon and eBay.


Squarespace caters to simple e-commerce needs. It an easy to use platform that helps to craft intriguing webstores. Squarespace is your home to beautiful websites themes. The platform is also responsible for inventory management, unlimited product uploads, email list management, shipping configurations, coupon creation and a lot more is available.

In case, if you are not looking for a business model that integrates payroll, accounting and other related business management software, then you can opt for Squarespace. It offers countless viable options for you, and it is more affordable than BigCommerce and Shopify.  

Weebly e-commerce

Weebly e-commerce is an outstanding platform for small business owners who are planning to sell less than 20 product categories. With Weebly e-commerce, you can create a highly functional online store.

Weebly is a sophisticated online store builder that provides attractive themes with drag-and-drop features. Its interface is quite simple that allows least-tech savvy users to easily build online stores. In case if you want to leverage some additional features, then Weebly e-commerce allows you to have fun with other amazing sets of features that includes blogging.  

Overall, Weebly is easy to use the platform and a good choice for beginners that offer the best money value.

Get Your Online Store Done Today!

We hope that our list of online e-commerce platforms will help you select the best for you. If you still have no idea where to get started, then you can check the pricing plans and available feature set.

It will help you know the most important features that you need as per your store needs. Select your e-commerce platform today. Start selling your products and get huge traffic to earn more.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to take the free trial of each platform. It will help you with the features and possibilities which you can achieve with your desired B2B e-commerce platform.

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