Top 5 Incredible Museums To Visit In Kerala

The museums in Kerala are a gateway to art, history, science, and culture of south India. In Kerala, most of the cities have a museum to preserve and show the way of living of the early generations and the kings who ruled over them. The rich traditional arts and architecture are well is interesting to travel in an off-beaten track to visit some different museums. Here are a few great museums you should visit in Kerala.

1. Hill Palace Archaeological Museum, Tripunithura, Kochi:

Hill Palace is Kerala's first heritage museum located at Tripunithura in Ernakulam, Kerala. It has a large collection of the former Maharaja of Kochi. The palace complex itself includes 49 buildings and is built in the traditional Kerala style of architecture. And the museum complex is home to many rare species of medicinal plants. The grounds also have a landscaped park and children's play area. Now, this museum is protected by the Kerala State Archaeology Department. 

2. The Napier Museum, Trivandrum: 

Napier Museum is located in Trivandrum, Kerala. The building is an important structure, built-in 1880 with Gothic style roofs and towers, and an indigenous air-conditioning system, which keeps the rooms cool, naturally. It holds a host of traditional artifacts including antique ornaments, bronze idols, a temple chariot. People are especially impressed by the Japanese shadow-play leather that is used to describe the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

3.Kuthiramalika Palace Museum:

Kuthiramalika palace museum is Built in the 1840s by the famous Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, who was Maharaja of the Kingdom of Travancore in British India. This Palace stands as an iconic monument that gives you a unique insight into the great history of Kerala. The museum has a huge collection of marble figurines and idols, Kathakali figures and a special collection of Belgian mirrors and canvases.

4.Kerala Folklore and Culture Museum:

The Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum at Thevara, Ernakulam is a unique venture to preserve the great folklore wealth of the State.The building is beautifully designed and uses wood, laterite stone and clay tiles. This museum is really a treasure trove that showcases the strong heritage that Kerala exudes through its numerous art and dance forms.

5.Bay Island Driftwood Museum:

 Bay island driftwood museum is a popular destination in Kumarakom, Kerala. Is famous for its innovative modern art techniques used to design various kinds of root and tree-trunk sculptures. This was founded by Raji Punnoose, a school-teacher in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. She collected pieces of driftwood that washed ashore and shaped them to give them a form. She used her art to turn washed away pieces of wood into things to appreciate.

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