Electric vs Gas Leaf Blower

As we move into autumn, you’re going to need a leaf blower to rake the leaves into neat piles. But if you blasted through them instead, you could save a lot of time and effort. That’s when you need to choose between a gas blower or an electric blower.

Look at the features of each before you make your choice:

Gas blower features:

There are two variants of this type of blower—backpack and handheld. They use either a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke.

Electric blower features:

Usually handheld, it has two variants—corded and cordless. The corded ones need to be hooked on to a power cord while the cordless can work with rechargeable batteries.

Differences between gas and electric blowers

• Mobility

For corded electric blowers, mobility is restricted by the length of the cord. On the other hand, a long cord can be cumbersome to carry around. The battery variant of electric batteries is limited by the life of the batteries they run on, which could be just 10-15 minutes.

• Performance

On the other hand, gas leaf blowers are very powerful and work much faster. They are bulkier than their electric counterparts and need to be filled with gas from time to time, apart from engine oil. Besides, these blowers release smoke into the air, being environmentally-unfriendly, something that electric leaf blowers do not do.

• Impact on the environment

Air pollutants that a gas leaf blower throws up into the air are equal to those that a car does after driving over 400 miles at 30 mph, according to the California Air Resources Board. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that at least 25% of hydrocarbon emissions in the US are due to small leaf blowers and other such small machines.

Not only do they pollute the environment, but gas blowers are also considered to be carcinogenic and overall harmful to the environment.

Electric leaf blowers, however, do not cause any emissions and can be safely used.

• Noise pollution

For all the useful features of gas leaf blowers, they are extremely noisy and can be said to cause a degree of noise pollution, unlike their electric counterpart which works silently.

• Size of yard

For small gardens, an electric leaf blower works just fine as the area to work within is defined. For larger estates, a gas leaf blower works well.

• Cost

Electric leaf blowers aren’t as expensive as gas leaf blowers, though the functions of the former can sometimes be limited. So, make the best decision for a leaf blower depending on the area it has to be worked on and the time that you have to spare for this chore.


Now that you've seen the basic differences between the two leading types of leaf blowers, you probably realize that electric blowers are better overall. They are better to be used over small areas, and if you want a convenient and lightweight machine. However, if you consider the premium models of both types, choosing the best leaf blower will depend on factors like pricing and the brand you prefer to go with.

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