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Hotels in Gopeshwar

Hotels in Gopeshwar

Srishti 529 26-Sep-2019

If you have come to Uttarakhand for pilgrimage and you are Chamoli district, then a trendy center of pilgrimage, Hotel Chamoli is a Visitor Hotel.

Hotels in Gopeshwar

Hotel in Gopeshwar is a pioneer in the area of Chardham. Hotel accommodations are all decorated on durable luxury themed ceilings with current services in the form of toilets with attached bathrooms and hot water supplies. Hotels in Gopeshwar have also been highlighted for a flood of diverse cuisines offering vegetarian natural food.

Local food such as Gujarati, South Indian and Marwari are also readily available through hotels in Gopeshwar Chamoli. Our lodges have easily 24 hours service from single beds to eight beds. You will get the price of rooms as per your budget. As you come to guess. The room is full of modern amenities. Our minimum price is Rs.600 / -. The Gurudwara, also known as Henkund Sahib, is the highest gurdwara in the world.Hotels in Gopeshwar

It is a sacred place of Sikh community and with it a lot of visitors come every year and make the mind eager to see this holy place. It is at an altitude of more than 14000 feet above sea level on the banks of Lake Hemkund. The water of this lake always freezes and the air here is equally cold.

It is a beautifully constructed gurudwara where they constantly serve Maggi and tea as part of the langar. Also, the sweet pudding here is very tasty. A peaceful environment has a magical effect on all. Chamoli Hotel To reach this place you have to keep trekking and then climb many stairs. The journey may seem tedious, but the great experience will compensate you for all the difficulty it takes to reach here.



Feel the Magic of the Srishti Lodge with your stay at Hotels in Gopeshwar. It has a climate of flawless harmony and serenity. The long wood slants, loosened up outside, cool wind, stunning climate and Breathtaking perspective on snow-capped Great Himalayan range and enormous and agreeable Rooms with extraordinary open-air Activities make it an ideal retreat for each one whether it is summers, winters, fall or even rainstorm. Chamoli Hotel

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