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Agam Bhatnagar 556 25-Sep-2019

Amazon Alexa is developed on the model of speech recognition Technology which uses recognition to perform all kind of operations given by users. We are going to show you some simple voice commands to demonstrate how you can give to your Alexa device. Setup Echo For example, If you ask Alexa that “ how is the weather in San Jose”?. in return, your will check about the all-weather updates available for that specific area and analyze all the weather in forecasting reports and give you all the details about the current weather conditions and the weather conditions of coming days too. if you want your Alexa to play music for you then you can simply say Alexa play some music then and it will process your voice command and play music from your default music service such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc. To play the music your Alexa will search, Which type of music you like the most. It will also check the list of your favorite songs and the most played songs and play any song from this list. This is the main Technology which works behind the functions of your Alexa device. The mini Smart computer placed inside your Alexa device possesses the Ultrafast speed. When you ask any question from your Alexa App. It gives back the answer to your question immediately. Amazon voice service plays an important role in the functioning of your Alexa device. Alexa voice service converts your audio recording into the commands and Enterprise these commands to your Amazon echo. you cannot call it a voice to text service because it is a lot more than that. recently Amazon has given permission to all the third-party developers. So that they would be able to create new Alexa skills themselves. provides sample codings to the third-party developers in only $30 in the form of a raspberry pi. it helps them in creating many new skills which you can use in your Alexa device. 

Updated 16-Nov-2019
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