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How to Use G Suite to Seriously Upgrade Your Small Business

How to Use G Suite to Seriously Upgrade Your Small Business

Andrew rockeert 518 24-Sep-2019

Did you know that G suite can revolutionize the way your small company conducts business? Go here to learn how to take advantage of all G Suite has to offer.   

No matter the size of your business, G Suite provides the essential tools you need to streamline daily tasks, communicate effectively, analyze data, and stay organized.

Small businesses, especially, benefit from the accessibility and affordability of G Suite. From day one, it will help your new enterprise will take on a professional appeal — even if you’re still juggling multiple jobs and running operations out of your garage.

Where business is concerned, the constant goal of G Suite is to assist users in streamlining and simplifying their routine tasks, so they can spend more time doing what’s important.

Nick Hess who runs an IT company in Portland offers full support for Google G Suite and other cloud technologies. Here are some key focus areas according to Suretec.

What Are the Key Benefits of G Suite for Small Businesses?

There are a plethora of benefits you can expect when you convert to G Suite. Many of these will depend on your industry and the nuances of your business’s needs. However, some benefits seem to span all businesses:

1. Professional, Versatile Email

The G Suite tool that nabs most companies’ interest first is Gmail. To look professional, you and your employees need business email addresses. This means that your domain (the part after the @ symbol) shouldn’t be simply “” but should instead be “[your business name].com”.

Customers and clients will be far more likely to work with a company when the emails include those like “” instead of ''

2. True Ownership of Company Data

Using Gmail allows you to have account ownership, which means that you, the employer, own the email addresses.

Why is this important, you ask?

If one of your employees were to leave your company abruptly and work for your competitor, you’d want this ownership to retain their clients and valuable company data that is rightfully yours. With G Suite, you’d own the files they created using your G Suite account as well. This means that any Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Google Slides documents would be yours and could be easily accessed through Google Drive.

3. Collaboration Opportunities

Never has collaborating on projects been so easy. G Suite can be used on virtually any device, by any type of user. All applications and tools work in tandem, and files used within applications can be stored and accessed in the Google Drive Cloud — no matter where you are in the world.

Of course, these are just a few of the key benefits that often nab small businesses’ interest first. There are numerous other advantages to look forward to when you switch to G Suite.

One Small Business’s Experience With G Suite

MobileOne is a company operating over 125 T-Mobile premium retail stores throughout the United States. Before using G Suite, the company had trouble streamlining performance and collaboration. This was especially true for remote employees. Sharing growth metrics among workers, collaborating on projects, and attempting to be productive in other ways were all challenging affairs — more challenging than they needed to be.

In particular, the Director of Recruiting and Marketing at MobileOne, Revel Stark, was frustrated with how much time was being sunk into simply searching for documents and other files within their company’s email system.

As a fix, MobileOne decided to transition to G Suite and utilize the benefits of applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Hangouts, and Gmail, among others.

Immediately, the benefits became clear.

Stark even saw the fix for his frustration with email first-hand. While on the beach for a weekend family outing, he was notified by email that he needed to locate and send over an urgent document right away. The document was in his Google Drive cloud storage. Using the mobile app for Google Drive that he had on his phone, he was able to quickly and efficiently locate and send the file without issue.

Had he been using another email program without a cloud storage application as streamlined as Google Drive, the possibility of doing this would have been slim to none. This would have resulted in a need to either leave his family’s outing and head into the office on a weekend or wait until Monday to send the urgent file.

Today, MobileOne continues to use and be satisfied with G Suite. Employees routinely share and edit documents using Google Docs and Google Sheets, take advantage of the many benefits of Gmail and Google Drive, and are exploring other ways to collaborate with G Suite applications as well.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with G Suite? An increasing number of businesses are getting more done with the Google productivity tools available in G Suite. To get started, head to the G Suite website and sign up today.

Updated 16-Nov-2019

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