What Building Permits Do You Need For Home Renovations in Calgary?

What Building Permits Do You Need For Home Renovations in Calgary?

When it comes to adding that layer of quality to your home or changing your lifestyle, you always go for a home renovation. Whether that’s the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement or the whole house, updating your home with a renovation project, means you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of it.

From experiencing the fabulous results to watching the value of your home go up, home renovations are an excellent choice when it comes to investing your money.

But before you get too far into the project, you will have to obtain the appropriate permits. As much as we would like to get the project started, you can’t do it without the right permits. Here’s a look at the building permits necessary for home renovations in Calgary.

When Do I Need a Building Permit for Home Renovations? 

Firstly, let's start by asking ourselves: when do you need permits for a home renovation? Any projects that include any kind of structural change require a building permit. This includes things like:

  • Developing the basement
  • Constructing a garage
  • Adding a suite
  • Building a new fence or retaining wall
  • Adding another section to your home
  • Putting in a swimming pool, hot tub, or pond

So it's plain and straightforward: if your home renovations include any structural updates, it means you're going to need a permit.  

What Permits Do I Need for my Home Renovations?

The permits you need will vary a little depending on your home renovation project, but you’ll at least need a building permit. Some plans also require electrical or plumbing permits. For more information, speak to your local Calgary renovation company, or the City Of Calgary about which permits are necessary for your renovations.

What Do I Need to Get a Building Permit?

To obtain a building permit, you’ll need to provide all the relevant plans related to your home renovations project to the city of Calgary. This includes building plans, floor plans, site plans, drawings, and an approach from the company you're hiring.

The more information you provide, the better off your results will be. The council will see that you've covered all parts of your project, reducing the need for them to get involved.

Once you have the appropriate plans, along with a completed application and the necessary fee, you should submit it to the City of Calgary.

Take your time when it comes to creating your designs so that when the time comes to submit your permits, you won’t have issues with getting denied.

Will Renovation Companies Obtain Permits for Me?

It’s your responsibility as the homeowner to obtain the necessary permits for home renovations. However, many renovation companies are often happy to obtain permits on your behalf, as an additional fee.

Talk with your renovation contractor about who will get the permits, and get the decision in writing. If the contractor is getting permits, double-check that they got them before any work begins.

Prepare for your home’s transformation by working with a renovation company to obtain the appropriate permits for the work. It is super helpful to have an experienced team working for you so you can your project completed.

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