5 great countries to gain an attractive work-life balance

Having a healthy work-life balance tends to be a top-priority for job seekers in today’s generation. With the rise of millennials and ‘generation-X’, there’s more that attracts the eye than just high wages nowadays.

In a survey conducted by InterNations, the largest network for people who live and work abroad, collated and asked people on the network about different aspects of life related to working abroad, with one of the ratings related to work-life balance. It provided an insight into what many would class as a good work-life balance.

Here’s a look at some of the countries that featured on the list:

1. Oman

Despite Oman being considered as a country that takes a lot of interest in work and careers, this doesn’t seem to bother many of the expats that reside in the country. On average, the typical working week for employees is around 43.5 hours a week and almost everyone who’s employed work full-time hours. The reason it’s considered a country for great work-life balance, however, is due to the ‘easy-paced lifestyle’ and the laid back approach to work culture.

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom continues to be a developing country which means the range of jobs available in several industries makes it an extremely attractive proposition for most expats in terms of job variety. Major cities tend to come out as the most popular destinations due to the workplace culture after work that’s available, making work-life balance extremely social for expats. Where it could potentially have a downfall is the introduction of Brexit that’s due to happen in October where acquiring a tier 2 visa could be a complication for expats.

3. The Netherlands

One of the main attractions with The Netherlands is a very relaxed atmosphere and hassle-free culture that it gives off. This makes it understandable that the average working hours for many expats are around 2 hours less compared to the global average. According to the survey, around 75% of expats are content with their working hours and work-life balance in The Netherlands. Popular jobs in the country are involved in the IT, finance and manufacturing sectors.

4. New Zealand

On the flip side to the countries stated above, New Zealand has a far more laid back approach with it hardly being a priority for most expats that migrate to the country. Over two-thirds of employed residents in the country actually work full-time hours and even if they do, they still work 2 hours less than the global average. Surprisingly, this doesn’t have an impact when it comes to average household incomes either with gross yearly incomes being around 100,000 USD which is still one of the highest compared to other countries featured in the list. There’s many reasons, therefore, why many expats choose to move to the country.

5. Malta

Similar to New Zealand, one of the main reasons for Malta being included as one of the best countries for work-life balance is due to quality of life rather than work-related reasons. It also comes second to New Zealand in terms of average number of residents that work-full time hours, at 73%. However, working full-time does mean that you will be putting in the hours with average full-time working hours being around 44.3 hours. One of the main attractions for working in Malta is due to the opportunity to earn well which average disposable income being enough for around 52% of the expats that work there. Overall, around 75% of expats enjoy their work-life balance.

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