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How To Resolve The Problem Of A Missing Tooth with dental therapy?

How To Resolve The Problem Of A Missing Tooth with dental therapy?

E Jan Chithalen 446 23-Sep-2019

How To Resolve The Problem Of A Missing Tooth with dental therapy?

The first thing that most people will notice the first time you meet them is your smile. When you have tooth missing, it can be very difficult for you to have a conversation without feeling embarrassed about the missing tooth. Many people go to great lengths to avoid having to smile in situations like this. one can also have a low self-confidence as a result of this. They may also come across as shy or rude as a result of their inability to smile or talk freely without being embarrassed about their teeth. With the large number of people who have one or more missing teeth, it is a necessity to have proper treatment plans to help these dental patients.

What Are The Causes For Tooth Loss In Adults?

While it is normal in children to lose their teeth, it is not the same case with adults. People could lose their tooth due to accidents, or due to tooth decay, gum disease or some kind of dental injury. Cavities are the primary reason why most people might need to undergo a tooth extraction procedure. there are also many situations when people have missing tooth due to some genetic factor, which prevent the generation of the permanent teeth.

Teeth loss not only negatively affects the way you look, but also the proper eating and chewing of the food that you eat. It can be very difficult for you to have normal functioning of your teeth without one or two missing teeth. One could also see problems in the proper pronunciation of words and in communicating their thoughts in words. Missing a tooth can also be a problem towards maintaining proper oral hygiene.

What Happens When You Don’t Replace A Tooth That Is Missing?

We might think that a missing tooth only causes problems when it comes to eating and chewing the food properly. However, there are several implications of a missing tooth. It can cause several problems to the surrounding teeth, gums as well as the jawbone. One of the prominent problems is that of malocclusion. This refers to issues with the bite of our teeth. When you have teeth missing, the surrounding teeth will try to shift to fill the gap and as a result, you will see a problem with the way your upper and lower jaws close.

Another problem that you might see is that of super eruption. This refers to the extreme growth in one of the teeth opposite the gap in your tooth. A missing tooth means that there is no barrier to stop the extreme growth in one of the teeth. Therefore, it grows out to a larger proportion than the other teeth. The other problem that often results from a lost tooth is that of bone resorption. There can be bone resorption in your gums and jawbone because of the missing teeth. If there are no teeth to strengthen the gums and jawbone, you will see a gradual withering, giving a hollowness to your face.

What Treatment Options Can One Go For In Cases Of Tooth Loss In Adults?

Many people simply avoid going for a tooth replacement, given the huge costs associated with dental treatment plans. However, if you have a health insurance, it is most likely that most of the procedures are covered under your insurance plan. You can consult your dentist and find out about the procedures that you can go for in order to replace your teeth and then have a talk with your insurance agent to find out if the procedure is covered under the insurance plan.

For replacement of your tooth, there are a variety of treatment options available to you. One of the best treatment options that you can opt for is a dental implant treatment. This procedure involves inserting a titanium implant screw inside the jaw, after which an abutment is attached and a dental crown is placed on top. The procedure usually takes 3-4 sittings to finish the entire procedure, however, you might have to come back for post-op checkups to make sure that the implant is working properly for you. When getting such a procedure done, one of the crucial phases is making sure that the dental implant can properly integrate with the surrounding jawbone. This is the part that takes the most time. Doctors wait for this to happen, before attaching the abutment and the dental crown.

Another popular treatment option you can go for includes dental bridges and crowns. This has been a traditional method of replacing missing teeth. A dental bridge is a false tooth that is fused in between two dental crowns in a n effort to fill the area that is left behind by the tooth that is missing. The dental crowns are attached in a way such that the bridge can be held in its place efficiently. This type of a treatment can be easily got with 2-3 sittings at a dental clinic and one can enjoy the benefits of the new tooth attached almost immediately.

There is one more treatment action plan for missing tooth, which involves getting dentures. These can help to fill in the missing tooth, as well as give a proper appearance to the dental patient. The function of the jaw can also be restored with the help of the dentures. However, it can take some time to build the set of dentures. Every person is different and the dentures need to be made by keeping in mind each patient’s measurements. Doctors create customized dentures according to each patient’s individual requirements. Dentures can be partial or full, depending on the needs of the patient. If you have one/two teeth missing, you could need a partial denture, whereas, a complete set of dentures is required when you have a complete set of teeth missing. Usually, elderly people need a full denture, given the rapid teeth loss due to old age.


There could be a number of reasons for teeth loss. In adults, the causes mostly include periodontal disease, lack of oral hygiene and accidents or injury. But whatever the cause, there are a number of treatment options available, which are easily accessible and can be undertaken with ease. Therefore, people no longer need to suffer due to a missing tooth. When deciding to go for a treatment to replace the tooth, it is necessary to ask whether a particular treatment option is the right one for them. Different people are suitable for different types of treatment procedures, and a dental expert will be the best person to suggest the right treatment plan that can help you for the longest time. Therefore, it is always ideal to seek out the advice of a professional with the help of a consultation before you can choose to undergo any treatment.

However, after the treatment has been completed, it is a necessity that dental patients undertake the right oral care to enjoy the benefits of the treatment. In most cases, dentists suggest the best way to care for your teeth. However, you must also be willing to take care of your precious pearly whites and your gums. Brushing and flossing should be done twice each day and one should visit the doctor’s chambers once a year for a routine checkup. Professional dental cleanings should also be undertaken once in a while in order to remove the dental plaque and bacteria from the corners of the teeth. If you can implement all of these in your daily routine, you will be able to retain the dental implants, or bridges and dentures for a very long time.

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