Top 8 Popular Apps Created With React Native

When the world of the app development needed change, it got it in the form of the cross-platform frameworks. If you are new to this term, or just not familiar with what it means, then let’s clear it before moving forward. 

React Native enables the developers to create an app for all platforms like Android, iOS, etc. with coding only once. Before the advent of React Native, developers had to code separately for each platform for every app, meaning an app had as many coding versions as its platforms, making the whole development process tediously long and of course expensive.  

Looking at the features and popularity of this framework in the present market, many business giants started to shift from other frameworks to React Native. If you also want to try React Native app development but are hesitant about it, then you should definitely take inspiration from the existing popular apps built on React Native. 

Now, let’s move on to why businesses and developers are drawn towards React Native app development, adding to the pace of its unprecedented fame. 

Features of React Native: 

1. Cost-effective 

React Native compared to the Native framework is more on the cost-friendly side. It is because React Native only need one-time coding for multiple platforms. This way, there is no need to hire a separate developers team to cover each platform- with the help of React Native, a single developer will be able to create an effective app that works equally phenomenally on all platforms.

2. Simple codes to accomplish complex features 

React Native poses as a perfect fit for achieving complex features with simple codes efficiently and without hassle. This goal is achieved using Facebook’s library to build more accurate codes for executing ReactJS.

3. Time Efficient 

If anything is important, it is Time, and React Native values this concept, which is why it offers a faster mobile app development process. As opposed to traditional frameworks that are time-consuming, React Native saves time with its WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) feature.

With that, out of the way, let’s look at the most popular apps developed with React Native. 

1. Instagram 

Instagram is one of the most renowned apps of all time, and that too globally. With its simple yet attractive UX, it has won many hearts. It surely might have been challenging, changing its existing app to a whole new technology of React Native. Nevertheless, it performs perfectly across all the platforms. The shift, after all, was not in vain. React Native improved the performance of the app along with its maintenance for Android and iOS platforms. 

2. Facebook Ads Manager 

As React Native is created by Facebook, it must not come as a surprise that Facebook Ads Manager was the very first application developed on the React Native framework. The app has a simple interface with intuitive UX. It also offers simple navigation ensuring incredible user experience. In fact, animation and transitions are perfect. 

3. UberEats 

UberEats is not entirely based on React Native, but a very prominent part of it is. React Native allows the app to deliver an impressive user experience for it has impeccable UI. Before the transformation, UberEats app highly needed a dashboard for the restaurants having functions such as sound and push notifications. This task was successfully accomplished by React Native. 

4. Discovery VR 

The Discovery VR app is famous for its VR and 360 videos, making the app an adventurous one. You can also find exclusive content from different shows like Deadliest Catch, SharkWeek, and many more like them. The UI of this app written in the React Native is able to deliver impeccable and seamless VR experience. 

5. Gyroscope 

Gyroscope, amalgamated with the HealthKit, is able to allow the users to gather information related to their health and fitness. With this app, users can easily track and analyze their heart rate, steps taken in a day, and other activities including meditation and weight loss. All of the data is shown in two separate views named Simple and Card mode. It also sends the daily/weekly/monthly report of all your health data tracked. 

6. Airbnb 

Among highly popular apps, Airbnb is another app developed with the React Native framework. There are over 60 developers working diligently on a daily basis on React Native technology, to deliver an app as flawless as it gets. React Native is used to building reusable code and also refactor it. 

7. Myntra 

Myntra is a famous online shopping app, having a remarkable and user-friendly interface with easy navigation. It offers convenience to the users while buying or browsing through the products. Because of React Native, the app is able to perform flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. 

8. Discord 

If you are not familiar with this name, then know this- it is a free voice and chat applications for gamers. Meaning, it is possible to chat and talk to the other gamers, just like any messaging app. The app shares almost 98% of the code for the iOS and Android platforms. 

We are sure that these incredible apps will inspire you and give you an idea of how React Native has changed the scenario in app development, and why you should choose it as a framework for your own app. 

  Modified On Sep-23-2019 03:25:42 AM

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