The Working Of A Boss Or A Leader

The Working Of A Boss Or A Leader

Organizational success depends on the vision, mission and the leadership qualities not only on the persons on the topmost on the hierarchy but even the shop floor worker. However, the leadership qualities of the authority often influence the organization to achieve its objective smoothly without any conflicts.

The leaders are often termed as the boss; however; there is a thin line of difference between them. Many may argue that not all bosses are leaders and contrarily; all leaders are not bosses. The boss enforces the objective of the company through orders whereas a leader encourages the employees to reach the objective. The leaders often become an example to others in the organization, and it acts as a significant motivational factor. Let us discuss the difference between the boss and the leader so that one can make out the differences in them.

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The Working Of A Boss Or A Leader

The Line Of Separation

  • When we talk about a boss, generally all mean a person who has the authority to order the employees and control them to carry out the works as per the order. However, a leader motivates the employees of an organization to work for the better. The leader often inspires, encourages and usually works with the group of employees to be a part of them and understand them more closely to achieve the organizational goals.
  • The boss considers its employees as subordinates and orders them do the work in any away whereas the leader thinks the assistants as the followers and often motivates them often working with them to achieve the organizational objectives. The leaders are more compassionate and aware of the situations on the ground and try to drive the employees and convert them to followers. 
  • The respect of the boss is due to the position or the chair and seniority, but the leader gets respect with the qualities of the character and for the ability to understand the employee's mindset and encourage and moving with them. Therefore gaining respect is different between the boss and the leader.
  • The boss always looks for the profit and works to achieve that through domination and strict administration. Conversely, a leader has an employee-oriented approach and put forward innovative ideas and extends the hands to implement them. The leader has a collaborative and collective approach to the work to achieve the organizational goals. 
  • The boss is a person who always wants attention and wants to take control of everything and maintain the working standards without any excuses whereas a leader asks for commitment and the main driving force is the values and the ethics and find out ways to motivate the employees to give the best. 
  • The boss is a teacher, but a leader is a trainer. The boss only knows how the work to do the job whereas the leader can show the employees how the work is done actually. There is always a difference between teaching and training.
  • The nature of the boss is to delegate the tasks and duties, and it is the responsibility of the employee to carry out the job whereas the leader acts as an authority and teach and train the employees with on –hand sessions. The boss only tells what to do and looks for the results. 
  • It is the nature of the boss to find out the scapegoat in case of anything going wrong; however, a leader tries to solve the wrong work and perfects it teaching the employees what went wrong and what steps are to be taken in future to avoid them.  

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