The basics of API: Why You May Need API Integration?

The basics of API: Why You May Need API Integration?

Did you hear about the Application Program Interface? In short, it is called API, that allows the developer to design some module easily and more conveniently than ever. Although you may not hear about API, it is obvious that you are using it daily. For example, Windows uses a lot of API’s and one of the most common ones is copying and pasting facilities. API’s are also used in Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and web stores like Amazon, E-bay. 

Types of API could be many. For example, API could be designed for Operating Systems, for websites, for computer hardware and for software library, etc. So, actually it is being used in different ways and in different formats.

Do you need an API for your digital product?

API’s are not new and is being used by various companies, web-based business and so on. For example, Amazon is using API to provide its sellers and promoters to provide easy access to the product base. Various news agencies like Associated Press(AP) are using API to distribute and circulate its contents and information to its users.

The API integration is needed if you want to distribute your content through different media or platform. Moreover, if you want to distribute your product, catalog or allow others to promote your product API is necessary to complete these work more easily and comfortably.

Various softwares are using API to make it easy for the backend users to integrate their product to a various platform. API integration helps the owner of the software to make it more appealing and more income generating to its users. For example, WordPress theme producers and sellers are using API to decide the autheneite of the product and to provide customer support, upgrade etc.

If you want to build a platform that let users build something, create something new or make a new design you will need to integrate an API. Because you can assume that, your users will not be pro-level in writing code and it is more easy that is directly prepared. So, if you design a business model, that allows its users to change or create something, an API integration would be the best choice.

Is there any automated process to create API?

The Answer is ‘YES’. There are some services that creates the API much faster than others. For Example, I can mention about

They can automate the API creating process and it takes 10X less time the manual work. The process is patented and intelligent. As a result API’s can be generated just for a click. Moreover, their process bypasses the complex data and creates the API based on the business logic associated. The created API can be tested faster by their automated process.

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