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What to Include in a Marketing Plan: A Guide for SMEs

What to Include in a Marketing Plan: A Guide for SMEs

John Smith 754 13-Sep-2019

For SMEs and entrepreneurs who start a Singapore company, there are multiple ways to write a marketing plan.

Most marketing plans vary in style, voice, and strategy. However, good marketing plans have one common denominator – i.e. they are well-organized. 

In gist, your marketing plan should be easily understood, providing an incisive view of your firm’s direction within the inclusive period. 

According to Singapore company incorporation specialist Rikvin, your marketing plan should include, at a minimum, the following details: 

Executive Summary 

In general, a marketing plan must begin with a compelling executive summary. In a single page, sum up all the major points outlined in your overall document. Use bullet points, brief sentences, and straightforward language. Focus on the major issues, and convey briefly what your company plans to do.

Company Information

Your company information is an integral part of your marketing plan. Tell the reader who and what you are. Enumerate your products and/or services, include descriptions of each, and specify their target markets. When applicable, include your latest financial reports, operating budgets, and other relevant figures. Also attach an organizational table of your employees, or a brief profile of your core team members, to demonstrate your firm’s capabilities.

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Updated 16-Nov-2019
John Smith

John Smith

John Rikvin is the Operations Manager of Rikvin Pte. Ltd.

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