Why You Should Switch from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Even though Drupal 8 has been around for over four years, many people often find themselves struggling with the decision to switch to this version from Drupal 7 and perhaps even from totally different content management solutions. While the opinion might be divided over taking the plunge, there is no denying that there are immense benefits that await companies on the other side.

The upgrade to Drupal 8 offers excellent benefits to various stakeholder within the ecosystem. For starters, the latest version is considerably quicker to set up for not only developers but site builders as well. It is also a significantly enhanced resource for, say, content editors, especially in the context of authoring content as well as editing and managing it. However, what about the users? Isn't the ultimate goal to tend to their requirements? It is indeed and rests assured that all the enhancements and advantages Drupal 8 brings along with it eventually serves the company's users in the form of substantially enhanced user experience.

To make a stronger case for the upgrade, here's a quick list of all the benefits of switching up to Drupal 8 from Drupal 7.

1. Access to multilingual abilities: Drupal 8 delivers robust multilingual capabilities that enable effortless automatic translation for content. What makes this feature even better is the fact that it supports about 100 distinct languages, thus empowering the website with a global reach.

2. Better security: Anyone who works with a digital entity knows that security is of the utmost importance. The Drupal community understands that too, which is why Drupal 8 comes loaded to the gills in this regard. A prime example of efforts for security includes the introduction of Twig -- it offers better protection than Drupal 7's PHP template-based theme system because its syntax is comparatively more straightforward.

3. Smooth performance: When it comes to websites, quality performance typically refers to quick load times. With that in mind, Drupal 8 gets BigPipe technology, which enables the website to deliver superior performance, thanks to how it loads as well as caches content.

4. Easy to use: Drupal 8 gets a WYSIWYG editor that offers supplementary provisions beyond the run-of-the-mill nuts and bolts. It merely includes editable image captions that also receive the editor's new Widgets attribute.
5. Agility: This framework's coordination is not limited to only content delivery and also includes integrations. While Drupal is itself an exemplary bedrock for the management of both web content and the digital experience, Drupal 8 takes it a step further and provides absolute freedom and agility to pick the technologies one wishes to leverage.

Remember that these are only some of the benefits you can avail when you switch to Drupal 8. Also, we have zero doubts in our mind that this upgrade will only serve your goals better than you thought. If you still find yourself torn over the decision, might we suggest getting in touch with a renowned custom Drupal development service provider who will not only assuage your concerns but also help you get started with the process?

  Modified On Sep-24-2019 04:11:49 PM

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