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Our economy is drastically changing, which means we need more knowledge, experience, and talent than before. Internships are necessary to beat the tremendous competition in the job market.

In this article, we bring you everything you need to know about Internships, from the importance of internship to getting an internship in Indore.

An internship helps you gain practical knowledge and experience in a specific profession or occupation. With that being said, it is obvious that they bridge the gap between what is taught in the classroom (theoretical knowledge) and what employers expect them to do (practical knowledge).

You can make the most out of your internship period by gaining as much knowledge as possible by choosing the correct internship opportunity for yourself.

Here’s why internships are really important:

1. Figure out what you like early on

We all think we’re passionate about something until we realize we’re not really cut out for it.

For instance, a number of students feel like opting for Science in the eleventh standard is what they need for a bright future. A month later we see them shifting to another field like Commerce/Arts and performing really well.

Similarly, internships are a trailer of what your life would look like for the next 20 years (at least). Even if an internship doesn’t help you figure out what you love, it will help you understand what you don’t like and prevent you from pursuing an ill-fitting career.

2. Watch and Learn

You’re wise if you can learn from other people’s experiences and foolish if you can’t. Interning provides you with the opportunity to watch people up close—your boss, the senior staff such as the CEO/directors of an organization.

Ask your superior if they’d be fine if you could shadow them for a day. This way, you’ll get to evaluate the pros and cons of their jobs.

Take part in meetings, do the extra hours, make contacts. Basically, while interning, be a sponge that soaks up all the information and knowledge. This information will definitely come in handy when you become an employee.

3. Say Hello to Professional Feedback

Most students see internships as a favor to the organization. When in fact, its the other way round. Truth be told, the company helps you more than you help them.

While teachers and professors prepare you for the theoretical part of the projects, it is the practical knowledge that counts.

Your team leaders/managers help you get hands-on experience and give you constructive feedback as and when required to help you become the person you aim to be.

4. Adds up to Your Resume

According to a report in 2017, a whopping 25% of applicants weren’t t prepared for the complexity of an entry-level role. Additionally, 13% of job applicants were rejected because they did not have an internship experience.

Today, every organization wants an applicant to have some kind of professional exposure.

In fact, you might even be one of the brightest applicants and reach the final round but may still lose the opportunity if the other candidate has had prior experience.

5. Acknowledge the Work Culture

No amount of books or case studies or guest lectures can match the actual experience of working in an organization and understanding its work culture.

An internship will help you understand the whole shebang right from the leadership structure to employee relations.

This will help you get on board with your first job more easily than if you haven’t had any kind of professional experience.

6. Professionalism

Linkedin Skills Report states that 57% of professionals rate soft skills (such as problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, communication, etc.) as being more necessary than technical skills. How can you develop soft skills, you ask? The answer is by interning.

7. Network, network, network!

Did you know that there’s a 1:16 chance of landing up with a job by maintaining cordial relations with professionals? Internships are a fantastic way to meet experts, professionals and fellow interns in your field.

8. Increases Marketability by Gaining Experience

If there’s anything you’ve learned so far by reading this article, it is — an internship gives you a leg up in the professional world.

9. Career Exploration

An internship is the best way to apply classroom knowledge into the real world. Learning is one thing but applying that knowledge and skills to generate output is another. The entire process helps you explore various specializations/career paths that suit your individual interests.

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