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Surprising Benefits of Physiotherapy for Women

Surprising Benefits of Physiotherapy for Women

PHYSIO EXPERT 491 11-Sep-2019

Do you ever wonder why film actress look so active and energetic even their 50s? How do they maintain themselves? What keeps them active and energetic throughout the day? Apart from good food habits and exercise, these actresses are always in touch of an expert physiotherapist. Do you know why? Physiotherapy is not something when you are recovering from pain or accident? It has become a part of healthy lives. Before understanding the benefits of physiotherapy for women, below are some physical differences between men and women.

  • Men tend to have more muscle than women
  • Women tend to have higher body fat proportion than men in areas like breasts, thighs, hips and buttocks.
  • Men have more body hair

Healthy Aging

Some specific actions need to be followed for healthy aging for older women. Physiotherapy can help you to identify risk factors for fractures and falls. It tells you the right way to do exercise and the type of exercise will suit you more. Physiotherapy will ask you to go for a screening of Vitamin D, calcium and Vitamin B12 to know whether you have a deficiency of these essential components. If there is any deficiency, a meet with a dietician is required to know the natural way to fulfill the deficiency. According to the health condition, specific exercises are advised.

Muscle Retraining

Have you ever thought the way you sit, walk and bend affect your body posture? A physiotherapist can create body awareness and help to improve movement patterns. Many women suffer from weakness of pelvic floor muscles as they age. A physiotherapist provides training of Kegel exercises and Pilates training to strengthen core muscles along with pelvic floor.


As you age, join paint, osteoarthritis and various types of health issues occur, For every type of disease, medicines are not the only way, You need some holistic ways to get rid of pain, swelling and stiffness. Under physiotherapy, there are exercises called electrical stimulation and massage therapy provide immense relief to the patient.

Manual Therapy

Accidental fall and trip may cause ankle swelling or joint pain that may take time to recover. In the case of hip replacement and pelvic fracture, physiotherapy is appointed to provide hands-on movement at home. Gradual improvement is seen in the patient.

Physiotherapy during Pregnancy

Pregnant women suffer from stress urinary incontinence and pelvic girdle pain. Hormonal changes cause these symptoms and the ever-increasing weight of the baby. The pressure of the uterus on the bladder makes difficult to control the flow of urine. The symptom cannot be ignored because it can reoccur after 5 years. An assessment with a women's health physiotherapist is necessary. Special types of pelvic floor exercises are recommended to maintain the strength of the pelvis during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

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