What Changes Can You Expect in Android Studio 3.5?

Before a few days, Google launched Android studio 3.5 which is the most state-of-the-art form of its IDE (Integrated development environment). With this updated release, the team has solved over 50 memory leakages, 600 bugs and multiple defects in the IDE. Along with this, it has come up with a few improvements which can boost user experience.

These enhancements include memory performance, CPU usage, building speed and many others. Google has also revealed numerous processes for each features to detect glitches.

What’s New In Android Studio 3.5?

1) UI freezes

While working on project marble, Google noticed that the code editing of XML was working comparatively slow mainly in the IDE. Therefore, the user got XML typing optimized. As an output, the user experience of Android studio 3.5 is likely better. This upgrades has changed in typing latency which have pacified editing of data-binding expressions.

2) Automatically recommended memory settings

This is one of the features which can enhance the performance of Android Studio. If you are a developer and in case you find more RAM which is needed by any app project on a machine then, that time IDE will automatically recognize the memory for the same. After allocating memory, the user will be notified. You don’t require to change any settings or anything.

3) Build Speed

The latest version of Android studio has come up with great increase of speed. For this, the key annotation processes is optimized with incremental support. It primarily includes data binding of AndroidX, Kotlin and etc. Incremental support is expected to have an important effect on the building speed.

4) File access speed in disk I/O

As a part of project marble, Google also noticed that Microsoft windows users had to experience a higher access time for disk I/O as compare to other platforms.

A team found in the previous version that folders built output were not optimally excluded by the default configuration of scanners for viruses. They have also fixed this situation in the latest version of Android studio 3.5. This is the thing which can also improve the user experience.

Moreover, with the enhancement of the system health, Google also introduced certain critical aspects related to user friction and bugs. It also includes layout editor, data binding and Chrome OS support. Project marble is also the noteworthy change which can enhance the stability of Android App Development of the company.

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