Learn The Secret of Faster and Stronger Strikes

Practising martial arts helps you in enhancing your moves and skills so that you can use them to the best of your capacity when the emergency hour strikes.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a great art form. It teaches you the techniques of striking, grappling, kicking and escaping. However, it takes in a lot of practice to get hold of the correct forward movements that are quick and strong. The art of attacking from being into a ready position to exploding into the motion should be seamless and sudden so that there is no room for any counter-attack from the opponent. The martial art experts bring forth the secret of faster and stronger strikes which includes:

Correct Breathing

Correct breathing is the essence of any physical activity. It can greatly amp up the effectiveness of your moves. The technique utilises deep breathing wherein one should inhale deeply and exhale slowly without putting much pressure on the nose. Holding your breath during the strike is the most common and silly mistake which lets you lose control of your body. Practising correct breathing takes you a long way to get the perfect strikes.

Speed Drills

Science teaches us that force is directly proportional to mass and acceleration. To apply effective force, it is thereby required that one puts in their whole mass and fasten the speed of their moves. Usually, novices take a longer time as they perform bigger counter-movements which are easy to predict. With continuous practice, one becomes more agile as their muscular system and nervous system gets in total sync to produce a quick strike.

Heavy Bag Practice

Practice makes one perfect. This saying goes aptly here as well. The more intensity one would put in their practice, the more effective the results will be. Martial arts experts suggest that one should do heavy bag practice religiously to get the hack of it. It will enhance their striking prowess immensely and will make them stronger and faster.

Putting body weight behind strikes

For a powerful strike, mass is as much important as speed. So, to get the forceful strikes one must aim to put their whole body weight behind strikes. The force should come from within else the strike will be lame. Martial arts teaches you to use your weight to the best of your ability. Your size really doesn’t matter, but the force with which you strike should be a result of your 100 per cent strength which is coming from inside.

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