Historical Development Of Distance Education

Historical Development Of Distance Education

Of course, distance learning is a general term that is difficult to define, and the strategies to be followed in the teaching-learning process and in the world today are called different names.

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There are many definitions for distance education. Distance learning is, in our view, an appropriate and necessary supplement to traditional instruction and enriches and supplements it over a certain period of time and space. These are a set of procedures and interactions that are established between students and teachers in the development of the teaching-learning process through the rational use of computer technology resources and telecommunications, with the aim of making the education and acquisition process more effective and efficient in knowledge Refer to the disadvantaged people and costs.

Historical Development Of Distance Education

In the history of distance education, a group of institutions has come to the fore that demonstrate their operational superiority over traditional forms without denying them and helping them to evolve as they are today: a superior method for acquiring information and building knowledge. One of the features of distance education of practical importance is its consistency with the reasons for its occurrence. Its driver for sustainable motor development is the need to disseminate knowledge and develop skills that are increasingly hungry and that these people need to address real shortcomings and gain access to a space in which productivity of all kinds gradually becomes improved to achieve greater social development.

Another important feature of distance education is its accessibility. Its use enables a large number of people to have sufficient opportunities and knowledge in an interactive process that is usually an issue with a broader and broader theoretical and practical approach to help them better cope with the challenges of their field to approach him environment. It is therefore necessary to take into account the needs and interests of the groups who have access to this teaching method, as the range of possibilities offered is very broad. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of distance learning, however, is the physical separation of student and teacher at this time that the development of the teaching-learning process is taking place. While personal interactions are disappearing, it must be emphasized that in all distance learning systems, there is in fact no absolute separation between the two components of this pair, as there will always be a necessary way to conduct tutorials and meetings of mutually interactive, technologically-mediated interaction Knowledge that promotes skills development and even building; and a controlled way of communication, starting point of feedback processes.

Distance education also uses technical means or communication resources on a suitable computer support, which allows the flow of information without temporal and spatial restrictions. The technical means to ultimately reduce geographical, economic and family barriers can enable students to learn and learn, to acquire knowledge and to learn much more efficiently and effectively with a more favorable cost advantage for users.

This type of education is based on objective reality, is used as a reference for daily events, and always avoids the re-learning of concepts, which are most often done without comprehensive understanding, thus contributing to the growth and enhancement of the individual as a person through the inclusion of Knowledge and behaviors required in their daily lives. Help to think and thus to develop the thinking process.

Distance learning offers are also a form of instruction that is in the middle of learning that takes place alone or isolated without help and traditional group learning depending on a personal relationship. In distance education, institutions assume responsibility for education, knowledge is not only acquired by a teacher who teaches and maintains a balance between theoretical concepts and the possibility of practical application, in order to avoid futile efforts due to the inapplicability of the results.

It also advocates the independent and flexible acquisition of knowledge. Students learn to learn and to learn to do. It promotes autonomy in terms of teaching methods, style, learning time and the speed with which they are carried out. Those who want to become aware of their learning opportunities and abilities are encouraged to learn, expose themselves and listen in harmony with their comprehensive education, to reflect and question and engage in discussions of any kind about the basics of acquiring the ability to form and give one's own opinion.

Historical Development Of Distance Education

Distance education can be seen as a means or method of mass communication where the access requirements for courses are less stringent. As a result, access to heterogeneous learning groups and the development of practical skills can be used to solve a specific work situation. The goal of the student is to satisfy his learning needs immediately and to receive in a short time concrete rewards, which are expressed in the improvement of his performance and his professional competence.

Distance education is a valid alternative that combines the constant need for updating and professional development with the student's short time, usually adult. She respects the time and space of each participant. promotes the development of diverse learning methods through the inclusion of new training strategies; It facilitates the relationship between theory and practice and action reflexion; It contributes to a sustained increase in the level of professionalisation of individuals through a proposal 

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