How to Write the Best Welcome Letter for New Employees

How to Write the Best Welcome Letter for New Employees

How A Welcome Letter Can Come in Handy

This is where a good welcome letter comes in handy. Welcome letters are very useful in providing a new employee with critical information before their start date.

Your responsibility as a human resource professional is to make new employees feel less overwhelmed with the new responsibility and feel more welcome at your new workplace.

You can do this by writing a thorough welcome letter.

Tips On Writing the Best Welcome Letter to New Employees

This post will give you tips on how to write the best quality welcome letter to new employees.

1. Welcome to your new employee.

You don’t need to be elaborate. Your goal is to express your excitement to have a new employee on board with your organization or company.

A couple of sentences will do. It will make your employees feel like they are accepted and appreciated to be part of the team.

2. Be personable in your letter

Tell the new hire a little about yourself. You can help calm their nerves down by talking about some memories about your first day in the company.

This welcoming tone in your letter will make you relatable to anxious new employees.  

3. Offer some helpful directions

There’s no better way to welcome your new employee than giving them peace of mind. You can do this by giving as many details as you can about their first day.

Make sure to remind them about the date, time and location of the orientation.

4. Tell them about the dress code

There is nothing more embarrassing than coming to your new workplace overdressed or underdressed.

Lessen these scenarios from happening by informing your new employee about the dress code expectations or requirements.

5. Prep them on what they need to bring

Don’t forget to inform the new hires of the things they need to bring on their first day. If they will need to bring bank or social security information, include that in the welcome letter.

If the company wants a copy of their school records such as transcripts or diplomas, then be specific about it in the welcome letter.

This is crucial since it usually takes quite some time for schools to process requests of school records.

You may check out this new employee checklist to help your new hire be set up for success.

6. Let them ask if they have any concerns

One of the best ways to reduce the stress of new employees is to give them your contact information and let them know that they can contact you if they have any problems, issues, or concerns.

You may also go further by giving them specific information on who to direct certain questions to. Be sure to emphasize the best time to contact specific people, including you, so that you can avoid untimely calls.

7. Attach your company’s rule book in the letter

One of the things that could be valuable for a successful welcome letter is giving the new hire a copy of the employee handbook that details the company’s rules and regulations, mission and vision, and organizational culture.

The same handbook usually contains information about how the new employee can help the company meet its mission.

8. Consider formatting

Your new hire is probably excited but also nervous to start working. When they read your welcome letter, they will be more nervous to see long blocks and confusing paragraphs.

Thus, make your letter readable so your new employee won’t feel more overwhelmed. Include headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make the letter easy to read.

9. Take advantage of writing resources

Don’t stop yourself from using writing resources. Professional resource tools can turn your welcome letter from a so-so to an A. Here are some great writing resources that will help you get started:

  • 1. PaperFellows - This is a tool you can use to turn your welcome letter into a stellar piece. The tool helps you produce high quality and plagiarism-free welcome letter for your new hire.
  • 2. ClassyEssay - This site provides you proofreading and rewriting services to ensure your welcome letter is error-free. Don’t take any chances, get some help from the experts who turn your welcome letter into a stellar piece.
  • 3. Hemingway - You can use this online tool to proofread the welcome letter and make sure it`s written in a creative but still understandable manner. Don`t forget to get rid of bulky structures and eliminate wordiness.
  • 4. - is one of the largest online community for human resource professionals. They provide templates, forms, and tips about the best practices.
  • 5. Grammarly – As well as the editing tool mentioned above, Grammarly can come in handy when your letter is ready and needed some editing and proofreading.
  • 6. Checker By EssayOnTime - one of the best online grammar check Australia. This program will help you identify and correct all errors in your text. Just upload the document, run the tool and you will get your paper checked.


Getting hired in a new company is a night and day situation. Comes with the excitement are anxieties and the stress of the new job.

A good welcome letter can help new hires feel less stressed and more at ease in their new environment.

As the guide mentioned above, your welcome letter must have information about how the first day is like and where and what time it will be.

Give it a professional but friendly tone by sharing a little bit about your personal experience as a new hire.

Best of luck with writing your own welcome letter to your new employee. Using these tips, you’re definitely going to come up with an impactful welcome letter.

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