Mental Health Policy in Australia

As per the notions with the World Health Organization, mental health is known to be a state of well-being within which each and every person tends to achieve his or her personal ability, can deal with the ordinary pressures of life, can work prolifically and stream results, and is ready to make contributions to his/her association.  In case a person possesses an ailment that affects his or her intellectual health, they'll have an intellectual illness or we can say mental health disorder. This consists of situations such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia as well as bipolar disease etc.

Mental Health Policy in Australia

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If we talk about Australia, the structure for intellectual or mental health services is a pretty complicated aggregate of public as well as private systems, with funding distributed between the Australian, nation and territory governments, people and personal fitness insurers. This short pattern presents a top-level view of mental health in Australia, which includes the superiority of intellectual fitness conditions, the expense of mental illness, state obligations or responsibilities, and the availability of mental health services in Australia.

Mental health policy context in Australia

In Australia, the National Suicide Prevention Strategy as well as the National Mental Health Strategy has streamed the urge and the vehicles with an aim to the remodel and reorganization of mental health services as well as minimizing the cases of suicide. In recent times, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has introduced the most crucial as well as needed investment in the domain of mental health reform. The approx. amount of $1.9 billion has been spent in the time span of five years under the plan 1 of COAG National Mental Health Plan along with funding being streamed in numerous departments of government. In the year 1992 the Australian health ministers had endorsed The National Mental Health Strategy and positively showcased the initial step to amalgamate mental health reform at a national level.

National mental health policies and strategies

The Australian government, as well as territory governments, commits duty or responsibility for the mental health policy along with the stipulation of help offerings for Australians residing with a mental/ intellectual disease. Nation and territory governments are held to be accountable for the funding and prerequisite of nation and territory public specialized mental health offerings and associated psychosocial guide services. The Australian authorities lead in national intellectual fitness also known as mental health reform tasks and also provide a number of funds and offerings for human beings residing with mental fitness difficulties. Those procurements are regulated and monitored via a variety of actions, comprising nationally recognized strategies and programs.

Further national advances

In the year 2014, the Australian Government sought the National Mental Health Commission to carry out a different ranging analysis of ongoing programs and services related to mental health ranging across the government as well as private sectors. In June 2015 the report of that particular review was released publically. This was recognized and acknowledged a group of Mental Health Expert Reference that was residing in Australia.

Consequently, an additional series of mental fitness reform activities have been inducted, comprising the variation of obligation for a variety of Australian authorities mental health along with suicide inhibition activities to the Australian government’s Primary Health Networks (PHNs) from 1 July 2016. The fundamental role of PHNS is to drive the intellectual health making plans and integration with states and territory.

In August 2017 the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan were acknowledged and agreed by the ultimate health ministers. The commission was held with responsibility to report on the execution of this particular 5th plan.


The vital significance of sound mental health as well as its influence on the Australians has long been acknowledged by the Australian Government.  These governments including the state government has been working together for more than three decades. There is a single aim of developing effective mental health schemes and programs to tackle and address the mental health requirements of Australians.

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