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How SharePoint Enables Seamless Management of Construction Projects

Ryan Williamson 1442 03-Sep-2019

Managing construction projects is admittedly a tricky task. However, relief is found in project management solutions that help make the job significantly easy. With that being said, selecting a solution that suits your business' requirements can be challenging, especially when you look at the small number of options available in the market. Moreover, amid this sea of choices is a name that you are unlikely to associate with construction project management: SharePoint.

How SharePoint Enables Seamless Management of Construction Projects
As unlikely a candidate for managing a construction project it might seem, the fact remains that SharePoint is a highly efficacious, cost-efficient, and agile, thus making it the ideal contender for a total construction project management solution. Nonetheless, let's take a look at some of the most compelling reasons why you should pick SharePoint for your business and also how it stands to enhance your productivity.

  1. The abundance of features: It is loaded with all tools you can need to manage construction projects properly. It includes Sites, wherein workgroups can build individual internal websites within SharePoint to store and arrange files. Oh, and they can also display announcements. The list of other such handy features includes Search, Insights, and Composites among others.
  2. Security: SharePoint allows you to adapt your security permissions with just one change to the group instead of changing it for every individual the changes need to be made. Furthermore, it allows you to set up security permission starting from a site collection and a site, all the way down to the lowest part of just one item. Also, it makes it quite simple to assign permissions straight to an individual user or even a group of users.
  3. Collaboration made easy: SharePoint includes Office 365 Groups, which serves as the perfect platform for group communication. It also enables teams to view, edit, share all files within the group, plan group meetings, and more without a hitch. It, in turn, facilitates significantly better communication within teams.
  4. Reporting tools: It gets robust reporting tools that allow you to access as well as share data swiftly. You also gain the ability to create, set up and update dashboards and scorecards. There's also Power BI reports, which, when integrated with a SharePoint page allows you to display dashboards, charts, KPIs, reports, and more on the SharePoint site to give users easy access to crucial information.
  5. Task management: With SharePoint, you can manage a group of tasks, no matter if they fall under the purview of a business endeavor, department, or project. Besides that, users are also able to build tailored list views integrated with out-of-the-box workflows to manage and assign tasks.

SharePoint, when correctly executed, will deliver an extraordinary boost to productivity that will make your staff more efficient. Further, it will offer better access to data, and improve reporting on vital business metrics, among others.  So if you need help getting started, you should hire a trusted name in the Microsoft SharePoint consulting services business straight away.

Updated 24-Apr-2020
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