What Is Included In The Class 1 MELT Program?

What Is Included In The Class 1 MELT Program?

Before you begin searching for “driving instructors near me” for a Class 1 driver’s license, you should first get to know what entails in getting a license. The training offered by driving schools is extensive and covers a range of topics.

Obtaining a Class 1 MELT driver’s license can set you apart from other drivers. Not only does it increase your job prospects, but it also provides you various skill sets. With a Class 1 MELT driver’s license, you can essentially drive heavy trucks such as tractors, flatbed, and super b trucks. Without this license, you are not authorized to drive these trucks. If you are looking to forward your career in the driving businesses, then investing in obtaining a Class 1 MELT driver’s license is the way to go.

Class 1 driving training involves completing a certain number of in-class and in-cabin course hours. In addition to this, a driving school also ensures that the students are provided with the relevant knowledge regarding the vehicles. Here are things that you learn in a driving school with regards to Class 1 driving training:.

What Is Included In The Class 1 MELT Program?

In-class Training:

Normally, a total 40 hours are spent in classroom training where lectures on various topics such as trends in the trucking industry, vehicle mechanisms, and others are held. During the in-class training, basic driving techniques are also covered. In addition to this, driving habits that set apart amateurs from professionals are also instilled in the students. Students also learn about different maneuvers and handling various emergencies. Instructors in the class also teach students about the various documents and paperwork that is required for one to drive a Class 1 vehicle.

In-cabin Training:

Training in the vehicle is an important part of Class 1 driver training. A good and reputable driving school ensures that the focus is not only on theoretical knowledge but also on the practical side of driving a Class 1 vehicle. During this part of training, students get to practice different maneuvers alongside an instructor. Each student gets ample time to drive the vehicle and gain practice. This enables the students to become expert drivers within a matter of weeks.

Defensive Driving Training:

One of the most important parts of Class 1 MELT training program is defensive driving training. Since trucks and other vehicles handle cargo, a driver must be cautious and observant about other vehicles on the road. In addition to this, the defensive driving training ensures that the driver drives safely and is able to handle all sorts of cargo, especially fragile and dangerous cargo such as oil and chemicals. Hence, defensive driving training is an important part of Class 1 MELT driving program.

Air Brake:

One of the conditions for obtaining a Class 1 driver’s license is attending the lectures on air brake systems. The classes for air brakes are held separately that students have to enroll and attend. Without training regarding air brake systems, students cannot obtain a Class 1 driver’s license. Hence, lectures on air brake are mandatory.

People Driving:

There are many driving schools in Calgary that offer training for Class 1 vehicles. The best one among them is People Driving. Here you not only receive training on Class 1 driving training, but you also get an opportunity to gain employment if your performance is up to the mark. People Driving not only train students but also ensure that they are able to get a job in the trucking business as a result of the hard work they put in their training. So if you are planning quality for driving a Class 1 vehicle and improve your career options, People Driving is the driving school that you should enroll in.

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