Nowadays, many programs take lots of memory during operation, which is a nightmare for low RAM systems. So to avoid this make your pen drive/USB of large size as RAM, which will allow your system to handle more operations and tasks. To know how to do this, follow the steps below.

RAM is random access memory the main memory of our device which execute each and every process perform. More our device ram more the speed of run time means Ram is only memory which took load of all the processes occur just like we run any application, music file, game all these things are run in temporary memory.

For make pen drive as ram use follow steps -:

1.      Delete all the stuff on your pen drive. Insert it and let the PC read it (minimum

2 GB).

2.      Open start button and right click on My Computer and choose Properties. 

 How to make Pen drive as RAM 

3.      Click on the Advanced tab and click Settings under Performance 

4.      Click on the Advanced tab then press on change button

How to make Pen drive as RAM 

5.      Select your USB drive. Click on custom size radio button and give the values as


·      Initial Size:1020

·      Maximum size:1020

·      The size depends upon your free memory capacity of your pen drive. So you

can change this limit according to your pen drive size.

Click Set button

  How to make Pen drive as RAM 

6.      After click Set button press ok

 How to make Pen drive as RAM

7.      Restart the computer with pen drive inserted. The speed of your computer will be increased

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