Echo Plus - The Smart Speaker For New Generation

The smart loudspeakers are in fashion and with their immense fan following, they have been present in the homes of millions of users now. Amazon was the first company to launch a smart speaker, the Amazon Echo, back in 2014. Amazon were followed by other renowned technology companies such as Google with its Google Home and Apple with its Apple Home Pod.

However, today we will just discuss about the Echo Plus – the smart speaker with digital AI assistant – Alexa of We will give a detailed idea for each of the aspect - from design to the astounding features.

Design and construction of the Echo Plus
The Echo Plus is a cylinder about 15 cm high and 10 cm in diameter, which is surrounded by a mesh fabric that has a nice look and feel.

Its small size makes it possible to place it almost anywhere in the house, as long as we have a plug nearby since the Echo Plus, like the rest of intelligent speakers, does not incorporate a battery. Next to the power connector, the Echo Plus has a 3.5 mm sound output. to connect an external speaker or headphones.

The Echo Plus is available in three colors - anthracite, light gray and dark gray - so you can choose the one that best matches your furniture. In our case, we have the model with a light gray color, which sticks perfectly with the white furniture in my living room after the Alexa Setup.

Music Playback Capabilities
The Echo Plus is Amazon's loudspeaker with better sound quality although in the last time's third-party speakers (such as Sonos) have appeared that are also compatible with Alexa and that offer a much higher sound quality.
The Echo Plus emits sound in all directions, with a 20mm tweeter and a 76mm woofer. These speakers are slightly larger than those of the Amazon Echo, so it offers better sound quality. In addition, sound adjustment and equalization have been carried out by the prestigious Dolby sound company.

The Echo Plus offers good sound quality for listening to music at home, with sharp treble and deep bass. In addition, you can adjust the bass and treble with the equalizer of the Alexa app. For novice users, they can download Alexa app to their phone directly from play store or through the web.

Interior of the Echo Plus
However, Echo Plus does not offer as high quality as the Apple Home Pod smart speaker, which, on the other hand, is much larger and has a considerably higher price.

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