Live support is the new age customer service

The way people are shopping and accessing services has entirely transformed with the increasing influence of digital technology. People are surpassing office hours and are shopping late in night. This change in timings has changed the way online businesses are offering customer support. Live chat feature is the latest addition in web-based services that enables company representatives to speak with those who are visiting their digital property. 

Live support is the new age customer service

There are many lead generation companies that offer to outsource the customer care queries by adding the live support feature on a webpage for a fee. This way a brand doesn’t have to deal with the added responsibility of maintaining live chat agents who take up customer queries. 

The communication can be established by both sides but it’s usually initiated by the company. As the popularity of live chats increased, most companies have shifted from investing in toll-free numbers to investing in live chat agents instead.  

A good live chat agent will be able to convert a website visitor into a customer, he/she plays an important role in building trust and a feeling of loyalty between the customer and a brand. Hence, before selecting any company to deal with your potential client’s queries, make sure that it’s reputed and has good reviews. 

The data collected via live chats is saved on dashboards and can be seen by the company. This data gathered through chat outsource process helps one track the company’s performance and see visitor behavior on one’s website. 

Last updated:9/7/2019 12:25:46 AM


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