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Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time

Jerry Morgan 1020 26-Aug-2019

carons are everyone favorite when they want something sweet and delicious. This pretty and elegant Petites are irresistible. You cannot stop yourself when you see them and end up having one or two. These colors full small petite fill with several kinds of filling is famous around the world. Whether it is the birthday party or some guest are coming, these are the must-have dessert on the menu. These are best when you want a light dessert. But the thing is that you are putting your all effort to bake these mouth-watering macarons or getting them from one of the best bakeries, how will you store them? Am I sure no one like to cook daily or visit the bakery daily to have them? You must be looking for some ways to keep them fresh and delicious as long as possible. First thing first, if you are buying them from a bakery, always keep them in their customized macaron boxes. They have designed it in a way to keep them fresh and tasty.

Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time


If you do not preserve macaron correctly, the crispy macaroon turns soggy and eventually break. And you do not want them to break. Here some tips and trick by which you can keep them crispy and delicious.

Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time

The Delicate and Chick Macaron

Before getting into the storage, let us find out about these chicks and delicate dessert. And why they need some extra care when it comes to preserving and keeping it fresh for a few days.

France is the origin of these mouth-watering little desert. These thin meringue cookies are crisp from outside and chewy and soft from inside. Ground almonds, egg whites, sugar are the magical ingredients of the macarons. Then the sweet filling is sandwich between the meringues. The generous fillings totally up to yu some prefers delicious jams, flavored buttercream, chocolate ganache or any sweet.

Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time

The crisp outside and sift, and sweet inside filling make it the perfect French dessert. When you bite, it melts in your mouth and the perfect treat for your taste buds. After having one, no one can resist themselves from having more and more. So, to keep them fresh and crispy you have to keep them in custom-printed macaron boxes. These macaron boxes are essential if you are running a macaron business.

How to Preserve Macarons Overnight? – Bake it, Fill it, and Store!

If you are running an online business and you get the order for macaron as the wedding favor. It is mean you have to prepare macarons a day or two before the wedding and store them, so you deliver fresh and crispy macaron.

 Here comes the essential tip, after taking macarons out form the oven. Let them cool. You have to leave them in the pot until it cools completely; otherwise, it will break.

Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time

If you take out the macarons from the pan without letting them cool result in a soggy and soft macaron, which your customer does not want them to. Let the macarons cool in the pan and get its crispy texture. When you get the macaron out of the pan store, it as follows and delivers them in macaron favor packaging.

Airtight Container is the life savior.

For overnight storage of macarons, always use airtight containers. The sealed container must be clean and dry so that no moisture comes in contact with these little desserts.

For a shallow container, what we recommend place parchment paper. You have to be careful when placing them on the parchment paper. Always place them in a single layer. Try to keep them away from each and other so that they are not in contact. Place the lid tightly on the Container.

Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time

If you are keeping these macarons in your kitchen, it might not stay fresh and crispy more than 24 hours if you like to store them for a day r two than place them in a cool, dry and dark place because both sun and heat will not damage the freshness of the macarons.

Put them in-Macaron Boxes

For a bakery owner, these macaron boxes are a life savior. These custom printed macaron boxes are made specifically to keep the macaron fresh and crispy for a longer time.

These macaron containers are ideal during transportation and reach at the event in one piece. These macaron packagings are sturdy and robust. You can get them in Wholesale Macaron Boxes in any shape and size. These custom printed macaron boxes are so beautiful you can even gift this macaron to your friends or use these as the macaron favor packaging.

Keep your Macrons Fresh for a Long Time

You can buy Wholesale Macaron Boxes online form the packaging companies and they will also customize them as per your need.

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