Indian Food Catering Prices In BostonAre you planning the event of the year? Then you need to hire quality caterers to feed all of your guests. Well, how to determine if the people you have hired are the best? If you have not hired a catering service yet, then what should you look out for? Here is a list of things that you would need to look out for in a professional catering service.

1. Timely service A professional catering service will understand that you will need all the preparations done on time. They will come beforehand and start the preparations hours before the actual function. 

2. Price

Even though hiring a catering service might be a little expensive, they will be straight forward from the start with the price of their service and they will provide you with service worth the price.

3. Quality food

You will not be disappointed with the food that they would serve to you and your guests. The food that would be served to you would be phenomenal and up to your mark.

So if you are looking for the best caterers worth your money then look no more. Love Indian food and wish to serve some famous Indian dishes to your guests? Here is a list of some of the best Indian food that you should serve all your guests. Do not worry about Indian food catering prices as they will be worth your money.

1. Dal Makhani

This is a popular Indian vegetarian dish that should be served to your guests. The thick and flavorsome mix of dal will blow your taste buds away. This is served with “Jeera Rice” (cumin rice). This is not as spicy as other Indian food so it can be served to guests who are sensitive to spice.

2. Vegetable Pulao

Ok… another popular vegetarian dish that can be served to your guests is the vegetable pulao. An aromatic mix of spices with the sweetness of raisins and cashews, this dish taste best when served hot. This is a popular dish that is again not so spicy and has a surprisingly mild taste of spiciness.

3. Shahi Paneer

Your Indian caterer will insist that your serve Shahi Paneer at your event. With tender cottage cheese mixed in rich and flavorsome gravy, this dish is the perfect vegetarian dish. You will not go wrong with including Shahi Paneer in your menu.

4. Butter Chicken

Probably the most popular non-vegetarian dish that India has to offer, the Butter Chicken offers you tantalizing flavors. Chicken cooked to perfection and the gravy rich with spices, you must include the butter chicken in your menu.

5. Naan

Naan is a type in Indian flatbread, made with refined flour. Cooked in the tandoor, the naan is the perfect accompaniment to all the other dishes mentioned above.

6. Raita and Papad

No Indian cuisine is complete without Raita and Papad. Raita is curd seasoned with spices and often has onion and tomato in them. Papad is deep-fried wheat “chips” of a sort. To get the complete Indian food package, you will need to include Raita and Papad in your menu.

So if you want to taste some Indian Food Boston and wish to treat your guest with such exquisite cuisine, then don’t forget to include these in your menu.

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