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5 WordPress Tips For Making Your Website Secure

ath nada 820 20-Aug-2019

The most prominent CMS; Content Management System is none other than WordPress and it goes further to power roughly thirty percent of the website we know and love today. 

Nonetheless, as it expands, so has hackers evolved in their doings. These hackers have gone on to take clear notes and have started targeting sites most especially those of WordPress.

The fact is that, it does not matter the kind of content your site provides to viewers, these hackers have no exceptions. When specific precautions are not taken, you are sure to get hacked.

5 WordPress Tips For Making Your Website Secure

With the growing number of hackers, website owners have no choice than to search for the best tips to secure their sites. Some of the best tips you can find include:

Select A Good Hosting Company

The easier way to actually keep your site highly protected is to simply go along with a hosting provider that specializes in providing diverse layers of protection. While it may always seem tempting to go for a cheap provider, do not fall for this temptation.

The reason is that it tends to cause terrible nightmares along the way. Some of which includes your data being erased or even your URL can be redirected somewhere else.

Nevertheless, when you pay more for a hosting company of quality, it means extra layers of security will be added to your site. Another extra benefit is that when you make use of a good WordPress hosting, you can speed up the WordPress site.

Also, Very Few Hosting providers provide malware removal service and it's a very good thing. You can always secure your site when such thing happened.

But most of them charge for it. I moved to WPX after knowing about their Free Malware Removal Support in this WPX Review and migrated to it. They handled the migration too for free

Managed WordPress Hosting are considered as Good Hosting Providers.

Avoid Using Nulled Themes

The themes from WordPress premium all look professional and they have customizable alternatives. Furthermore, the premium themes are heavily coded by developers that are skilled and they are further tested to pass diverse WordPress checks.

When you get to customize your themes, there are no restrictions and you will basically get complete support if anything goes horribly wrong with the site. Also, you will have theme updates which will be regular.

Meanwhile, some sites are known to provide either cracked themes or nulled themes. This type of themes is basically hacked versions of the awesome premium theme. They are made available illegally.

Also, they are highly dangerous for your website. These types of themes consist of malicious codes that are hidden yet can destroy your database and even admin credentials.

Make Use Of A Password That Is Strong

We all know that passwords are a very vital part of the security of a website but they mostly overlooked. If you are making use of plain passwords, you will have to change it all at once. By plain password we mean those that are either 1234 or 123abc

Though it is used because it is easy to remember, hackers can easily guess them as well. The hacker can simply crack the password and get into your site without even trying hard.

All in all, it is vital that you make use of a password that is not just complex, but one that is auto-generated with diverse numbers, letter combinations that are nonsensical as well as unique characters.

Reset Your WP-Login URL

While there is a default login to WordPress, you will have no choice but to reset it. Leaving it as it is will make your site to be brutally attacked and cracked.

For those who accept their users to register for things like subscription account, you will also be receiving spam registrations.

To avoid all of this, you can easily change or reset the admin login URL or simply add a security question to the login page and even registration. Furthermore, you can see the login page by placing a two-factor authentication plugin to WordPress.

Update Your Version Of WordPress

When you keep your WordPress up to date, it is actually ideal. This is because it keeps the website highly secure. With each update, the developers tend to make minor changes.

Sometimes, some of the updates come with new security features. When you stay updated with every new version, you are simply protecting yourself against being the target for any loopholes and exploits created by hackers to gain access into your website.

To Wrap It Up

The security of WordPress is among the vital parts of any website. If you do not try your best to maintain this security, these hackers will simply attack your site without any difficulty.

In a bid to maintain your site, the process is not so hard as you will not even need to spend any cash; the tips mentioned above can be easily used.

Updated 07-Sep-2019
ath nada

ath nada

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