The call centre industry in the Philippines is a flourishing industry that has witnessed a high growth rate in the last two decades. It has become the call centre capital of the world crushing the Indian call centre industry. The industry is has been experiencing positive growth since 2016 and is expected to reach an annual income of $40 billion by 2020.
The Philippines is considered an excellent location by various foreign companies because of its cheap cost of operations and labour. The Filipino people are proficient in the English language and are very familiar with the US and other European cultures. The industry has been thriving in attracting a lot of foreign companies, mainly because of a large pool of young people with proficient English and neutral accents. The Philippines has 90% of its 100 million population falling under the age of 55 years as compared to Japan, that has 61% and the US that has 73%. Pinoys are well educated and possess the necessary computer skills and language proficiency to enable them to work in call centres.
Moreover, The Philippines government provides continuous support for the development of infrastructure projects that would help in the further expansion of the Philippines call centre industry.
The calls managed by the call centres in the Philippines are inbound and outbound calls dealing with inquiries, customer service, facilitation and verification etc. The industry is rapidly growing and at present, employing more than 1 million Filipinos in call centres. Call centre agents in the Philippines are able to earn well, which improves their standards of living. The cheap labour combined with specialized skills attracts many US companies which use these skills in a variety of ways such as for filing complaints, generating sales data and code data, formating documents and reading legal and medical briefs. Various large corporations, such as Safeway and Citibank, are outsourcing their services. The sophisticated work that was done by accountants, medical staff and legal secretaries in US is now increasingly outsourced from the Philippines including research reports and formatting documents. Hence, call centres industry in the Philippines is a growing industry that is boosting the economy as well as providing excellent services to its clients.

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