If you are a business owner looking for call center vendors, you should only focus on the country that has built up a strong reputation in the BPO market, the Philippines. Foreign companies prefer investing in the Philippine call centre industry, and there are various reasons why it is always successful in starting a business with them.

 For a country that expanded in the realm of handling outsourcing businesses in the shortest span of a few years, generated revenue of as much as a whopping figure of $11 billion, and employed more than 600,000 people in the BPO sector; you might be interested in narrowing down the particular “unparalleled” characteristics that make the Philippines what it is today.

American English Proficiency – Gives them the upper-hand.

There is no denying the fact that Philippine’s major adversary, the well-versed Indians, are just equally proficient in the English Language; yet the bonus point of a neutral accent. In the Philippines, American English is taught as the standard language from an early age, and that, coupled with a Filipino accent provides better quality voice-over. Therefore, the English Proficiency has evidently boosted the Help Desk Business of Philippines.

 Extremely Efficient and Skilled Workforce

Statistics show that as many as 350,000 Filipino students graduate from college annually, which naturally produces a very talented and educated workforce for any field whatsoever. Along with that impressive figure, the time-zone of the Philippines is designed as such that it remarkably puts them at an advantage, particularly for the United States and United Kingdom customers in Help Desk. They have a very friendly business environment in the BPO sector, and they are perhaps the only country that can provide a relentless 24-hour service for UK and US customers. As a cherry on top, the Philippines are also ranked as the number one country in terms of skilful workers around the world. They have the most knowledge-based jobs available at their land, and their literacy rate is over 80% - a percentage that is not an easy task to achieve. Henceforth, the Philippines have everything going for them.

Governmental Assistance and Encouragement

Things don’t work as smoothly as they do when you do not have a strong back-up strengthening your spine and compensating your loss when it occurs. The most important plus point for the Philippines and their remarkable business growth in help desk services is government support.

 The government provides tax benefits, training periods at school and college levels, infrastructure, safety and other facilities that allow the outsourcing industries to operate at its best.

 These distinctive characteristics that make the Philippines a smart business choice for help desk outsourcing.

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