Customer acquisition is the most important aspect of every business. Customers and clients to a business are like what blood is to the heart. It needs to be pumped for the body to work.

If you are an owner of a B2B firm, it’s a whole new ballgame to convince businesses and transform them into customers. It is much more difficult as compared to a B2C firm for many obvious reasons. So, this calls for a completely new set of different techniques and strategies for customer acquisition. Let me list down them some of them for you:

Inbound marketing is inevitable

Businesses are experts of their field, and your target is not mere consumers but the decision-makers of renowned organizations. To sign a deal with the businesses you need to give them enough reasons as to why they must choose you over a million other providers. And Inbound marketing does exactly that for you.

It is a proven fact that if you can drive your traffic to videos and blogs showing what you are willing to offer to them, it would increase the prospects of the business. Inbound marketing is all about attracting, engaging, and delighting people over your business. Supposedly, if you are a business selling computers to businesses, releasing a picture listing the top computers of 2019 and then what you offer would do wonders or if you let the word out from an influencer, it is even better! (87% of B2B buyers trust industry influencer content more.)

Referrals are assured leads

As the name suggests, this form of marketing emerges from ‘referrals’ – and in B2B, referrals are a game-changer! Research says that 78% of marketers in a survey said that, referrals have a higher conversion rate than any other type of lead. Referrals travel from satisfied customers, so the first step in the referral marketing is to develop a customer relationship program with maximum efficiency in customer service. Once you are through, its time to build a referral program (if you haven’t already!).

Great content is the hero

Tom Fishburne said, ‘The best kind of marketing is that doesn’t feel like marketing!’ – and we couldn’t agree more. Credibility is of vital importance for all the B2B players and content marketing establishes trust and awareness like no other. If you have a result-driven content marketing strategy in place, believe me, you are already ahead of the game because while everyone agrees to its extraordinary competence, only 48% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.

Social media boasts inexplicable power

Ruling out social media from your book of customer acquisition techniques would be foolishness. People have a misconception that social media is not for B2B – well, let me tell you upright – it’s a MYTH that’s been long busted with unmatchable figures that emerge from time to time. For a record, 88% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn and as much as 80% of B2B marketers have a social media strategy!

A website is a necessity

Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you to develop a website of your own. Because I am sure most of you have it by now, after all, it’s a necessity these days. Instead, I am here to tell you the importance of relevant content in it. Your website is the reflection of your company and you can’t afford to not be transparent. Every now and then we come across websites that are inconsistent about the core information, leave alone its offerings like products and services and their prices. If you feel your website is not at its best, you should already be working on it by now.

Outsourcing is a win-win!

We all know we must focus on the core activities but how many of us practically get time to equally apportion time to all the important aspects? (considering SO MANY imperative departments of any business) And this is when Outsourcing serves to be a blessing. Did you know as much as 57% of businesses outsource to enable focus on core business and almost 59% confers it as a cost-cutting tool?

Customer acquisition is one of the most imperative yet arduous tasks for all businesses. It is best left in the hands of experts. Customer acquisition companies like Ramped has been fledgeling over the past few years, assisting businesses to nurture quality leads and crack deals with life-long customers.

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