Artificial Intelligence is the growth and development of computers in a way that computers will be able to perform a task that earlier, required human skills and thinking ability.

In this era, everything is so intelligent, we want everything to be done in the shortest period, and well, this is justified. We live in a century where technology and advancement have taken over the world by a storm.

Similarly, in the traditional call centres, clients and customers have to wait for a long time to get connected with the particular agent who can solve their problem. This tends to infuriate them because it is very time-consuming. Call centres in the Philippines have started using Artificial Intelligence to improve the overall customer experience and make the calls effective and efficient. Artificial Intelligence has allowed customers to have a personalized experience.

Artificial Intelligence and its Use in Call Centers in the Philippines to Enhance the Customer Exper

Following are the technologies that Artificial Intelligence is proving to call centres in the Philippines to improve their customer experience:

1. No more IVR Processes:

Artificial Intelligence is getting rid of IVR processes. Artificial Intelligence includes machine learning techniques that can understand statements, unlike IVR processes that can only follow the rules and give everyone the same set of choices.

Through this, customers no longer have to wait for an agent to be connected or listen to sentences like “Press two for Marketing Department” so on and so forth.

2. Big Data:

It is often very frustrating for the customers to keep repeating their problems from time to time on call. Artificial Intelligence tackles this area by providing an alternative. Now, technology allows the information to be shared on all platforms and channels by scrutinizing. Customers no longer have to put a constant effort of repeating themselves over and over in order to get a problem fixed.

3. Detection of Customer Sentiments:

Artificial Intelligence is a huge favour for those in expert call centre agents who can never detect if their customer is angry or satisfied. After enabling Artificial Intelligence in call centres in the Philippines, call centres have seen major improvements in clients who are keen on promoting and recommending the products or services to others of the call centres.

4. Customers and Robots:

Unlike human support, Robots are always available for customers and clients and are more dependable. For instance, if a customer has a query, the bot can search and solve the question immediately.

5. Customer Essentials:

Machine Learning technologies and Big data service, which the Artificial Intelligence provides, enables to predict customer needs, which allows the bot to communicate with them in the same way. With the development and growth of technologies and implementation of Artificial Intelligence, customers will get an experience ten times better than what was provided in the earlier times, which will not only be cost-effective for the call centres but also, worth it for the customers.

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