How to get a Pizza with less delivery cost using Slice?

Are you a pizza lover? 

I believe the answer is ‘Yes’ and that’s the reason you are reading this article!!

Today I am going to introduce a pizza delivery app named as ‘Slice’ which won many hearts because of the different service they are providing compared to other pizza delivery apps. First of all, let me clear that, ‘Slice’ runs on both Android and in iPhone. You can download the app from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s ‘App Store’.

Slice on Android

Slice on iOS

Why Slice is Different from Others?

I already mentioned, ‘Slice’ is different from others, because-

  • They charge much less than the others. For example, while other similar services up to 30% from the pizza store and a certain fee from the consumer, Slice maintain a low flat fee for both seller and consumer.
  • You can design your own Pizza pie and can get delivered that special pie tailored only for you. So, you have the opportunity to provide extra masala or extra toppings, etc. They named the service as ‘Pizza Builder’. The best feature is that you can order your favorite pizza without searching for again and again. Just tap and order.

What are the Features of Slice Pizza Delivery Application?

Slice app works in Android and Ios platform, enabling to serve pizza to every smartphone user. But that’s the way everyone is operating. So the question arises, what is the cool features of Slice? Read the following section to get the answer:

  • Hungry? Got no time? Slice can deliver your pizza within a very short time. The ordering process is very easy and effortless. Just a few taps on smartphone and a hot or juicy pizza will knock your door.
  • Check the menus of a local pizzeria and order the one you like most. They kept the options payment for both credit card or cash. So, you can choose your preferred method of payment based on your convenience. 
  • You can order customized pizza as you like it by using Pizza Builder feature of Slice. 

Discount, Promos, Coupons

Who don’t like to save some extra bucks while getting served with delicious pizza.

  • Slice will often offer you some discounts on your favourite dish, so on your next order you need not to pay a full amount.
  • They often provide promo codes, that will save your money to buy something extra.
  • If you refer a friend to use Slice app, you will be rewarded $$$ on your next order. Sometimes, you will get your pizza completely free. Isn’t it great?

Slice made it very easy to order pizza from local pizzeria. The features, promotions, discounts and coupons they provide are the best way to enjoy hand crafted pizza on a low cost. So, I would say do not spend money on riding vehicles or do not give your foot stress by going to the local pizzeria. Sit, relax and enjoy a TV show while get your pizza delivered to your door.

Last updated:9/7/2019 12:39:39 AM


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