Polycarbonate Sheets-Modern Roofing Usage,  Merits and Demerits

Polycarbonate Sheets-Modern Roofing Usage,  Merits and Demerits

Polycarbonate sheet is simple channeled sheets practiced in amalgamation with steel sheets either as it is to provide natural lighting to cross through the roof. It is an eco-friendly also environment-friendly global product. This sheet is specifically designed for home and office use design. In a solid compact layer, light transmission is 40% to 72% in embossed plus 40% to 90 %. Polycarbonate is a flexible and hard thermoplastic which is implicitly unbreakable. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are uniquely modern with patios and conservatories. In case you are planning for any modern roofing for your home either office, then Roofing Sheets in India can help you to find out the best place to buy your product. The Polycarbonate sheets price is very less than other elements. That’s why people are choosing it as the best option for them. Polycarbonate is a colourless, transparent plastic material which can replace the glass. Because of its multipurpose use, the number of suppliers increases with time.

NOW THE Advantages AND Disadvantages of Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate roofing sheet is a discrepancy in building element which is practiced alternately of glass in various applications. It carries Bisphenol A which provides it a glossy appearance. The behavior of BPA also continues to the toughness, even the strength of these fabric sheets.

Related to the glass, this material is entirely unaffected to breakages and gives tremendous flexibility. It usually is accessible in the form of sheets in various thicknesses. There are numerous famous brands of these materials which can be obtained from online stores at inexpensive price rates. Polycarbonate sheet price in India will offer you a moderate price with the most select quality.

Features and Advantages

Variety of Options

Builders have a wide range of options while practicing this building material. Architects can use it in various ways to add to the value of the décor. It is usually made with the cost of screws also support poles. However, it is also managed to unite these sheets.

Very Light Weight

Related to the other sorts of building materials, these sheets are lightweight. Hence it is quite simple to install without any trouble.

Rebellious to Damages

It is also extremely resistant to damages moreover hardly shatters similar to a class. It is therefore practiced in most of the places for added safety.


These sheets are incredibly adjustable, and therefore, it can be changed into various shapes as required.

Sound Barrier

Another engaging attribute of these sheets is that it acts as a complete sound barrier. It can be practiced in conference rooms moreover other areas which require privacy.

Controls Infiltration

It also serves to control the infiltration of the UV rays.

Highly Weather Resistant

It can also be used in homes and office spaces as it is weather resistant. Aside from being weather resistant, it is additionally flame resistant.

The polycarbonate sheets are commonly used for creating bulletproofs windows in cars, office spaces, and so forth. It is also used mainly on terraces and patios to guard against harmful UV rays and rain.

Polycarbonate sheets can be seen in a wide range of sizes also thicknesses in several of the reputed online stores at a diverse price range. Some dealers attempt these products at a reasonable price range. For more information, view roofing costs in India.

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