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Boxing and Unboxing

Trusartta Kumar Mahanta 1020 11-Aug-2019

What is the Difference Between Boxing and Unboxing?

Boxing and Unboxing is one of the most Important Concept in C#.

In Boxing and Unboxing Contain three Data Types

1-Value Type(int,char etc)

2-Reference Type(object)

3-Pointer Type()


-Basically, value type to reference(object) type of Conversion is called Boxing.

-Boxing is Implicit type Conversion Process.

-Here Value Stored in the Stack Memory and reference(object) Copied Stored on the Heap Memory.

   Ex- int x=100;

   Object obj=x; //---Boxing

Ex-using System;

public class Test{

 static public void Main()


  int val = 2020;

  // Boxing

  object o = val;

  // Change the value of val

  val = 9437;

  Console.WriteLine('Value type of val is {0}', val);

  Console.WriteLine('Object type of val is {0}', o);




Unboxing is Convert Reference type into value Type is Called Unboxing. This is the Wrong Concept.

Correct Ans-

If a value type which is converted into reference type is converted back to value type ,we call it as Unboxing, but while Performing unboxing Explicit Conversion is Required.

-Unboxing is Explicit type Conversion.

-In Unboxing the object stored on the Heap memory Copied stored on the Stack Memory.


Value Type----------------Reference Type--------------Value Type

  Int y=Convert.ToInt32(obj); ----------------Unboxing


using System;

public class Test {

 static public void Main()


  int val = 2020;

  // Boxing

  object o = val;

  // Unboxing

  int x = (int)o;

  Console.WriteLine('Value of o is {0}', o);

  Console.WriteLine('Value of x is {0}', x);


Note: A Direct reference type can never be Converted to Value Type.

Updated 11-Aug-2019
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