Rakhi festival is considered as the most important festival as it is one of the few festivals where all the states and union territories in India celebrate Rakhi. This festival represents the bond between a brother and a sister where a sister ties a sacred thread to her brother's wrist. This sacred thread represents the sister's love towards her brother and for a brother; this thread represents his responsibility to protect his sister from any type of danger and to love her unconditionally. This thread is tied after completing an aarti, where a sister is praying for her brother's good health so that he lives a long and happy life.

Evolution of Raksha Bandhan Festival in India

Back in the olden days, people used to go for Rakhi shopping in the nearby stores and stalls. Various types of Rakhi designs and in various prices were available at the stores and still is. The price of a Rakhi has increased over the years as people are demanding more variants of Rakhi and in various colors. People also tend to make their own rakhi to show their sincere love towards their brother. Even now when kids make their own rakhi they end up making the Rakhi based on the brother's favorite character or an object, for example, a Tom and Jerry Rakhi representing the sibling rivalry or a Ben 10 Rakhi and so on. 

When you grow up, you have responsibilities to take of your family and you end up moving away from your family. In this situation, sisters used to send Rakhi via posts and brothers used to transfer money to their account or send gifts via post. But now, with the latest technology and e-commerce, rakhi shopping has never been easier. You can now send Rakhi to India or send Rakhi Gifts to your siblings, there is also an option for kids brother Rakhi (for younger kids who love cartoon characters). 

Digitalization has helped in sending customized gifts as there are options to send gift pack (where you can choose the gifts) to your sibling and other options include purchasing a coupon. Coupon system was introduced because people were confused about what kind of gifts to purchase as people taste and reference changes over a period of time. Gift coupons give freedom of choosing a gift to the person who is receiving the gift; therefore your sister would be able to purchase the product she wants. And this coupon also has validity date, hence the gift should be bought between the mentioned time periods. Though most of the coupons have 1-year validity, some brands and companies offer a shorter time period hence you should mention the validity to the ones who are receiving the coupon. 

Even though the rivalry between siblings is a common household problem, they also share a Purchasing a gift for their loved ones is important to anyone. And according to psychology, the process of purchasing a gift and giving it to your loved ones releases good chemicals into your body. Hence. it is the most important process for human interaction.

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