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Best Montessori School in Gurgaon for Kids

Best Montessori School in Gurgaon for Kids

For all those who do not know, the Montessori Method of Education was first introduced by Maria Montessori. This education system was a specially designed education system for pre-school goers. She developed an educated system on a scientific approach, focusing on mental development. It is also focused on the child’s natural development of instincts, by subjecting them to various types of environment. This also increases other skills in a child-like social, physical, emotional and much more!

The best Montessori school in Gurgaon require a trained professional to teach kids. All teachers hold a degree in Montessori education. A proper teacher does not push the child in the rat race life. Rather, they observe a child’s interests, abilities, characteristics, and tendencies. They help better those qualities which they find best in a child. Some child may respond well to social skills while others may lack confidence while working with others. It is a teacher’s duty to develop those lacking skills in a student.

How to Identify a Good Montessori School

Normally parents admit their child by the age of 2-2.5 years to a playschool. The little kids join their playmates full of curious minds. Doctors say that pre-school is the critical time when kids learn 40% of their basic skills, which later they apply as a grown-up. Thus, it is important to choose a school correctly. Please take care not to go just by the name tag or the popularity. Your child’s learning above all is most important and not the name of the school that is in trend.

The first thing to notice is the teachers; they must be trained professional to understand the psychology of a child. A good Montessori school will never allow teachers who cannot develop good habits in a kid. The curriculum of the school should target all the abilities in a kid; social, emotional, cognitive and physical. A child coming out of the Montessori should develop good manners, social skills, and good communication skills apart from subject-oriented learning. Ask for feedback from parents. If you know someone who had sent their kids earlier, ask them to get proper reviews.

Best Montessori in Sector 48 Gurgaon

Among the best Montessori in sector 48 Gurgaon, few of them are worth mentioning. They are equipped with CCTV cameras; the staff and administration are quite transparent about fees and other rules. Meals are also provided to kids, which is an added benefit. They hire professional tutors with a professional degree and experience in managing and supporting a kid.

Some Montessori does not allow inexperienced teachers. All tutors have to be certified by an academic agency to teach in such schools. They look after a child very well, catering to their individual needs. Parents give good feedback for this daycare, as they are known to develop good habits and skills in a child. Some also provide meals to the students from their in-house bakery. You can be sure all their meals are handmade.

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