To wart's barrack room shared between emi ew and wart. The first time wart hit Me, I lit up in vehicle, and wart screamed about how I cheated. wart mashed My cigarette into my thigh burn marks along with bruising. Charges on credit card marked toy'r'us, usher's 8701, 112. "Don't smoke in my car." he says.  

I have serious issues with intimacy. Sex relieves stress! Its way to easy for Me in getting a guy off right. Confession when I began Niteflirt, I did cam phonesex years ago, psyched my clients out. That's what I call selling a fantasy and experience.  

Why else would he give "family" so little of himself? His dedication goes as far as renting apt E-10 in poulsbo. he couldn't leave lover, we went to banor pool, tits'n'@$$ walks by in white bikini. wart leaves family for romp in jacuzzi, unfortunately emi didn't experience a Herman that day. emi wrote dirty stories came across stories on laptop.

Nasty blue sleeping they fucked in keeping crusties they shared.A Truck flying up and down road vehicle goes by off to bed he went. warts work trips all cunt face related flight out to Arizona 2004 to meet cuntface's family, trip to new York to attend senior concert.When wart travelled to Japan he dropped 50,000 to break ground for a new home in Oregon. Trips traveling pacific north west, nights at grey wolf lodge, capsule hotels in Japan and splurged on his woman.

his incessant need for a watch to stay on piggy's time like a good boy he did. Constantly lieing, "because of you, I dropped my bonus in a puddle I can't cash this!!"My next question, "Why can't u have check reissued?" His response,"they won't do it" wart's way of telling Me, he has another checking account shared between he and piggy.

He wanted a p.o. box for My business. That box turned into a love letter sanctuary for themSmoking meth in Pontiac grandam and fucking. Fly into Japan and hitman late strolls in 45 minutes after we arrive, looked like gotten cream.I felt so disgusted with him.  

After Fukushima flies family to states and flew cunt piggy out. Stateside life became worse.wart had money to purchase new BMW license plate ATM1044.  

Of course he made purchases under different alias. Husband slowly killing me with cyanide wow who would have thought.Apparently I was doing enough b12 to counteract cyanide. he has zero remorse .

Bio: Mistress Alisssandra challenges dark ethics in dominance. A Mistress discusses healthy dominance. Teaches limits, rules, and obiedience. I will help figure what u need. Understand Dominance Not Underhanded Abuse. ((Please add link here Call for advice at Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478

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