Online Reputation: Analytics and Corrections

Ben Franklin once said: “You need to do a lot of good things to create a positive reputation, and just one thing to destroy it.” Warren Buffett said the same thing, but in different wording: "It will take 20 years to create a reputation, and only 5 minutes to destroy it." Even if you decide to adopt these statements and carefully consider your advertising campaigns, just one negative feedback on the Internet or one seemingly harmless tweet can nullify all efforts. Of course, do not give up, and you need to make every effort to compensate for the damage. The recovery process will take a sufficient amount of time, and while you are doing this, pay attention to the following points, which will become indicators of the success of your actions.

1. Conversion rates

Conversion is an integral part of an online reputation. Pay attention to:

• Sources of traffic. Track the number of visitors to your site from search results or other ways (redirects, direct links, etc.). If your reputation is shaken, the number of the latter will decrease significantly, as people will no longer recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

• Visitor activity. Does the number of unique visitors increase, how many people return to the site, do they view more than one page when they come to your site? All this information will help you set the right settings for your ad campaign.

• Price per visitor. The lower your reputation, the higher the cost of attracting one visitor will be and the more money you will have to invest in promotion.

• Bounce rate The less time a person spends on your site, the more cause for concern. It is especially necessary to consider that a large number of unique visitors with a high bounce rate is a bad sign. Most likely, people come to see what you have done so and immediately leave your resource.

• Exit page. Review the analytics to see which page people leave your site from most often, and make the necessary adjustments to their reputation restoration efforts.

All this information will be provided by Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. You only need to register your site in these systems.

2. Social Media

Social platforms also have special tools that will allow you to collect statistics on the features of user interactions with your brand. After analyzing the activity of your visitors, comparing this data with what you got thanks to the tools of search engines, you can correctly and effectively adjust your actions aimed at building your reputation. The best social media app mocospace.

3. Online reviews

If you want to understand how people relate to you, make yourself a rule to monitor thematic platforms where people share their experiences with your business. Explore specialized forums and sites, see how people evaluate your business, what comments they leave, what exactly they don’t like. Use this information to improve your service and make changes to your offer. If you think that finding information will take too much time, automate the process by contacting services and tools such as Google Alert, Social Mention, Hootsuite, Trackur and ReviewPush. Each time, as soon as your brand is mentioned on the network, the services will track it and send you an appropriate notification.

4. Related words

What words appear when searching for your brand? It’s good if they match the keywords for your business. It’s also good if they characterize your brand on the positive side. But what if suddenly your site appears in a circle of negative characteristics?

Do not manipulate terms. Perhaps you have become the source of all ills. Carefully review the semantic core of your site, check keywords and view your content. Perhaps you did not exactly determine the core, or you often resorted to allegory in the textual content of the site variance-tv.

Do your research. First, you need to determine why suddenly your company began to appear surrounded by incorrect words and characteristics.

Increase content. Urgently, start creating high-quality positive content to bury negative reviews under its layer.

Remove the negative. This is not easy, but not impossible. It’s unlikely that you can reach an agreement with search engines (although you should try, especially if you know for sure that you have been slandered and there is something to refute), but with other resources, it’s quite possible to discuss the problem and achieve the desired result.

Last updated:9/13/2019 10:02:17 PM
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