Hi everyone in this post I ‘m explaining about deployment your mvc application.


This tutorial shows you how to build a secure ASP.NET MVC 4 web app. You deploy the application to Azure.

This tutorial assumes that you have no prior experience using Azure. On completing this tutorial, you'll have a secure data-driven web application up and running in the cloud and using a cloud database.

When you build an ASP.NET MVC application and are ready to deploy it to your hosting provider, there are a set of assemblies you’ll need to include with your application for it to run properly, unless they are already installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) on the server.

Deploy an ASP.NET MVC App to IIS:

Open visual studio >> File >> New Project >> ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application

Give the application name and click ok, after click ok open a pop window and you

select project type and click ok.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application


Now our web site is ready to use. You can run your application press F5.

Now from the Solution Explorer right click and select “Publish”

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application


Select New Profile and give a name.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application

Next setup the Publish Method as Web Deploy, provide the server name, this can be a non-development system also; the Site Name, whether it’s the root site or a sub-site of the root site. Click Validate connection to validate.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application

The next two steps are optional and you can hit Publish here itself. But let’s walk through the steps.

Here I have unchecked the ‘User this connection string…” checkbox. This runs an additional transform apart from the default deployment transform that is executed on web.config, web.debug.config etc.

Click next or Publish from here.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application

If you click next, you get an opportunity to see the changes being deployed. For first deployment it’s everything, thereafter only the changes are deployed.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application

Once you hit Publish, monitor the Output Window till the Build Succeeded and Publish Succeeded messages appear.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application


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