The Magic to Writing Perfect College Homework Revealed Here| Bookmark Now

Who hasn’t dreamt of being at platform 93/4? Everyone at least has once been there in their dreams. Hogwarts is the college I wanted to study in and yes, the spells would be the lectures that one would love to attend.

The Magic to Writing Perfect College Homework Revealed Here| Bookmark Now

Sorry for bursting your thought bubble but you are not in Hogwarts and no Dumbledore would be coming with his heavy tummy to help you learn the magic spells.

Disappointed? (Can feel you)

But cheer up, here are some interesting spells directly from Harry Potter to provide much needed college homework help

Hold your excitement...Or let it flow and read further...

Here are the Spells to help you Write Your College Homework

Magic Spell#1


Summoning Charm

Let the spell help you guide through the subject and select a topic that would not only be impressive but engaging too. Summon up an innovative and interesting topic, put creatively in your homework, and leave your professor bewildered with your work. Using this charm with an innovative topic id not only going to keep your reader engaged in your work, but would also keep you involved in the work.

Magic Spell#2


Unlock and Open Doors

This spell is going to help you explore the nooks of the subject and open door to new information and facts about the topic. Just read through several educational journals, explore the internet, flip through class notes, and leave no resource untouched to find the best information for your college homework. An interesting or lesser-known fact can open door to impressive homework document that would help you outshine your peers.  

Magic Spell#3

Permanent Sticking Charm

Causes Objects to Permanently Stay in Place

Decide what information goes where. Let every information, fact, figure, and detail that you have collected has its own space and it sticks to the assigned place. Just prepare the basic outline of your work and further fill in the words as and where required. Playing with the outline is something that you need to strictly avoid.

Else...Deadline Monster Is Set to Attack...

Magic Spell#4


Projects a Beam of Light from the User’s Wand

Use the information that you have collected previously to enlighten your readers. Let the words flow in your documents in a way that they are comprehensive and legible. Also, take care of the jargon that you use. Your readers need the light of your wand to understand your topic well.

Magic Spell#5


Tickling Charm

Use the spell in your introduction and let your reader have a giggle. Adding an interesting element in the introduction of the homework is going to keep your reader engaged and intrigued. Woah...Let the magic of tickling charm spill through an anecdote and your reader fall prey to it.

Magic Spell#6


Magically Magnifies One’s Voice

When working on your college assignment use “Sonorus” and magnify your voice. Let your reader know what is your point on the particular topic. Use the information you have collected so far to ensure that your college homework speaks of your opinion loud and clear and has enough shreds of evidence to support them.

An informative document, backed with reliable sources is expected to give wondrous results.

Magic Spell#7


Used to Disarm Another Wizard

Adding impressive elements in your college homework would not only add to the charm of your work but also disarm your peers. Anecdotes, facts, figures, images. Diagrams etc. would act as an element of uniqueness. This would keep your reader involved in reading, help them gain information in a better way, and also, leave some lasting impression in the mind.

Thus, mark your impression with armed college homework and get the winsome grades.  

Magic Spell#8

Priori Incantato

Creates an “Echo” of Previously Performed Spells

Now that you have used the best spells to prepare the main body and the introduction of your college homework, it’s time to wind up the work. To wrap up your work, all you need to do is restate what you have already spoken about in the previous paragraphs but with a subtle opinion.

Also, let the readers have some food for thought with a rhetorical question, that would leave them pondering.


Echoing the previously said things is the simplest strategy to write the conclusion of your college homework.

Magic Spell#9


Used to Clean Objects

After you have written your work, it is important that you read it, and remove unnecessarily stuffed information and words. This would make your college homework legible, comprehensive, to the point, and interesting to read. Other than these factors, also take care of the formatting and structuring. A clear, well-formatted work always adds an edge to your performance.  

Magic Spell#10


Takes an Object Owned by Someone and Turns It into a Way to Track That Person Down

Done with editing and proofreading too, the last step is to make references. It is important that when you start working on your college homework, you note down the sources that you have taken information from, from the beginning. To ensure your document does not face the impact of plagiarism, proper referencing and rephrasing of the work are important.


Rephrasing is reading the information and putting it in your words. Do not copy and stuff synonyms.  


This Was Tricky to Leave Your Reader Spellbound

So, next time when you are struggling with your writing task, and need something that can motivate you to start working, just read this. Bookmark this immediately and let Harry Potter’s spells help you in writing your college homework.

You can thank Mr. Potter later, start working on your document now.!

Trust Magic...Keep Reading...Keep Learning... 

Author’s Bio: Lexi Edwards is a former teacher of Humanities. She is an avid reader and loves to keep her busy with books when she is not working for Assignment Desk. She has been providing innovative ideas to students regarding their assignments and homework and believes the education system needs to be eased down.

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Lexi Edwards

Lexi Edwards

Lexi Edwards is a 26-years-old academic writer working at Assignment Desk. She holds a post-graduate degree in English. She uses his knowledge of the subject to provide academic help to the UK students. On weekends, she loves to spend time in her kitchen garden.


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